How to Escape being Pinned to the Floor | Self-Defense

Okay, so now we’re going to speak about how
to escape from being pinned on the floor. So, we’re going to be on the floor, she’s
going to be laying down, and I’m going to be on top of her. And what I’m going to do is, I’m going to
grab both of her hands. That is one of the worst case scenarios. But how to avoid that. First look in the mirror and imagine that
she has a mirror on her hand. She’s going to look in the mirror. So she’s going to secure position by putting
the hand this way, under my hand, and at the same time she’s going to put her knee on my
tummy, that way I can not keep moving forward. She has that control. And after she does that, she’s going to put
the other foot on my hip and she’s going to pull at the same time that she’s moving my
hand away. Okay, we’re going to repeat that, step by
step. Very important, the first part is look in
the mirror. That’s going to create this motion. If I let it go, for whatever reason, she can
trap my ear and do an ear pull and escape that way. But imagine that I keep grabbing her. Look in the mirror, secure position and now,
she puts her knee here and the other leg comes here. And at the same time that she moves these
away, she pushes with her leg, this is very important to use your leg. So that’s one way that you can escape from
being pinned by an attacker.

60 Replies to “How to Escape being Pinned to the Floor | Self-Defense

  1. this is crap, no offence but not every one pins you down the same way as you do because most people aren't that stupid to leave there feet up so they can kick you.

  2. The thing I hate about self defense is that the attack is so unrealistic and it doesn't take into account strength or size.

  3. so i can watch this and find out ways to prevent the girls i attack from escaping? AWESOME no more getting away

  4. No disrespect to the expert but simply pushing yourself away from the attacker will not end or even slow down the process. You have to do some level of damage to your opponent to get them to stop. This video offers nothing that will stop the attacker from coming after the victim again after she has pushed herself back.

  5. when being raped, instead of "look in mirror" why not something like "break mirror to attackers face" again "poom" "poom his face" yes nice. MAN this video could have been better,,,,, where is the poom hm?

  6. You don't knoe what the attacker will do. Although this is a pretty common move, they may have other ways of restraining you. That's why the secret behind self defense isn't to program a student to do "specific" moves in "specific" situations. No fight is perfect or the same. The student must know how to adapt their body and movement to any situation and not to respond only to a specific kind of attack.

  7. Honey, you is not getting pay a lot to do this. Go find a better job that man taking advantage of you 1:03

  8. If the guy even remotely scrambles she'll end up in his side control.

    I'm not an expert, but this is terrible.

  9. I'm guessing all the haters on the comments are the attackers mad because their victims can defend themselves now!
    @Howcast keep making videos, I feel strong every minute

  10. this move has tons of flaws i mean what if the opponent is stronger how to you keep your hand in a mirror position they are going to push that hand down

  11. Dude y'all dirty minded this can actually come in handy one day and when this does happen ur gonna have forgotten BC y'all thinking about this being dirty.

  12. This is great! I was remembering a time I was pinned down, couldn't BREATHE, screaming in my face and ears…I finally bit his nose, till I thought my teeth would break, and he let go! I am glad u posted this, I wish I had known these tips…

  13. why didn't he just let HER do those movements herself rather than moving her arms and legs to make movements for her??

  14. My husband sits on my chest and pins my arms down with his knees. I can never get up. He puts his hands over my mouth and grabs my hair. I can't move. I can't get away from him when he does that. I am weak from being ill and when he does these things I get weaker every time. My body doesn't recover because I have an autoimmunity. I just wish I could away when he does this. I have no way to protect myself in this position. I try kneeling him in the spine, but he's too high up in my chest to get a good hit.

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