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  5. No. WHAT YOU SAID WAS. Taboo is often confused with something sexual, taboo simply means something thats very controversial.(Calling MMA gay is a very controversial thing to say)

  6. I did a video on going to a brabo choke from the position at 0:38 It is a technique that is nice to have in your tool box.

  7. This is all well and good…UNTIL the guy hooks his legs in any way.  In my experience, it's NEVER that easy to get the guy's leg off and then under my leg (as shown in this video).  

  8. sure sure, if you are watching these videos, you are probably new to mma. As a new guy in club you basicly always fighting against much stroger opponents. So i don't see how it would be possible to push of his leg which is way more stronger than your hand. With elbows maybe, but not like this.Another thing that i don't like about this "howcast" is that they do everything slowly, like you are the only one whos know what you are doing and they just watch. Sorry for english.

  9. The thing here is chad isnt applying pressure with the hooks, he's not squeezing so he makes it seem easy to break out, it's not so easy when the hooks are in tight

  10. No way you are gonna get out of a back control like this. First,once the guy is starting to choke you with all his strength and good technique it takes 3 seconds to pass out. Secondly,if his legs are well hooked,it's really really hard to take them off with your hand. If the guy has a good back control and he's already choking you the right way the only thing you have to do is tap out or pass out. You have to try not to let him get your neck. I suggest you watching Saulo Ribeiro video about back control:he has a lot to teach to us all..

  11. well this looks easy but to do it its different story…When u are full locked in choke there is no escape specialy when the guy who is choking u is pushing his stomach to ur back making a bridge…so it impossible to break it…

  12. So release one hand from the choke hand to move the foot? I'm no black belt but once you move that hand it's two hands against one i.e. Game over

  13. Yeah, its nonsense. First things first try turn chin away from elbow or get it down and shoulders UP. You must try get your head up the opponents body (ear to ear). The key though is to go away from the choking arm. If his left arm is under your chin you must go out his right side, not put yourself deeper into that elbow under the chin. NOTHOWCAST!

  14. For people who never try it it never works.. yes that technique works and yes is very difficult to put it practice! To be more complete you have to try to make a small space between his hand and your neck by pulling his hand down so you can get your neck closer to your chest so it would be difficult for him to tighten, for the rest you have it on video.
    Good video !

  15. the problem they are not fighting and not tighten muscles so its not practical or wont work in real fight

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