How to Do Tiger & Crane Self-Defense | Shaolin Kung Fu

Hi. I’m Sifu Romaine here to teach you the tiger
and crane self-defense techniques. First we’ll look at the crane techniques. To look at the crane techniques we have to
understand that the crane is an evasive, quick moving animal. To form a crane’s beak, you bring all the
fingertips together. We can use the wrist to block or to hook. We can use it to block this way or to hook
this way and then poking with the fingers to the eyes or other soft, vulnerable areas. Let’s begin with the first technique. Blocking inside, Mr. Robinson goes to the
outside and pokes him in the eye. Let’s look at it again. This time, Ty will attack him with two hands. And again. One and two. This time Mr. Robinson will follow with a
crane link block and a kick. Now let’s take a look and see what happens
if he blocks the kick. Now we’ll take a look at some of the tiger
techniques. First we have to understand the tiger claw. The tiger claw is a five finger claw, fingers
bent. We can use the palm heel as well as the fingertips
to not only claw and rake but also to get into vulnerable areas. We begin with a single punch. Mr. Robinson blocks, grabs, and tears. Now he’s going to follow that technique with
another tiger claw using a palm strike. Begin. This concludes our demonstration of tiger
and crane techniques.

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  1. I believe it could either be spelt as Xiaolin and Shaolin depending on the romanization of the Chinese characters? Because Chinese characters only rely on pronunciation and phonology, as they don't incorporate actual letters.

  2. can you guys perform the Crane Form? it's shaolin kung-fu, and it involves most of the moves shown here! i would like to compare them!

  3. lol useless .. even and real fight its just to much going on and once you get close its going to the ground.. crane cant fight off its back .. and if a tiger its on its back that means he lost ground.. game over .

  4. 3 months later. You can sign up to shaolin schools in china in the mountains for 4000$ euros per year, and you can either stay there, learn there and come back to your family

  5. LOL? Do you really think that Jet and Jackie are from shaolin? No no no no! Jet trained Wu Bin at early age. And Jackie Chan is not a trained fighter. He was trained at the Chinese Opera House which teaches primarily Wushu to their students for use in theatrical roles (movies). He has never been trained to fight but rather be what he is a movie star.

  6. When it gets close, the loser goes to the ground and the winner moves on to the next opponent. If you end up hugging an opponent on the ground while his friend kicks you in the head, you've done something wrong.

  7. actually no where I have been trained for almost a year and i am a blue sash which is the 5th sash and it means i am intermediate

  8. All of these racist jokes are too easy, I've yet to find anything original that would actually amaze me and separate common racists from high level racists.

  9. LOL! AND you need to do them at least a few hundred times for the muscle memory to kick in during an adrenaline dump, PLUS work in target practice so you can hit a soft target, PLUS do conditioning so you don't hurt yourself when you miss because your "target" isn't just standing still.

  10. There is no best and it takes all life to master any martial art.
    The result of daily hard training from childhood can be seen on Shaolin monks but also Muay Thai fighters.

  11. yeah but jet li probably can defend himself quite well. Most people never master their self defense of choice but it still caries a multitude of benefits.

  12. In the first set how would he have actually poked him in the eye if the attackers arm is blocking him? If he straightened out his arm to reach the attackers eyes he would risk the attacker moving in to him with an elbow to the chest.

  13. they have yet to master their techniques because they always have room for growth. i think these are great aspirations to aim for,because if keeps one from limiting oneself, allowing one to become stronger, faster, more relaxed, more precise, etc,

  14. I understand where you're comin' from, but the point isn't to MASTER the damn thing . . . you'd be a control freak if you actually believe you can just MASTER something.

  15. Good standup but many of them ignore the ground. Once they are taken down many will not be able to do any of their techniques.

  16. Jackie Chan learned Northern Shaolin Kung Fu at the Peking Opera, and he studied southern styles of kung fu. He also has a blackbelt in Hapkido.

  17. If you watched, he pulls and rakes with the block, and with the striking arm, he strikes in the direction of the elbow as he pulls his arm, so he is unable to strike back.

  18. Shaolin is certainly strong but it was not the moves that made them strong. It was the discipline and will to fight instilled from the start.
    Personally, I travel around China a lot and have learned a lot from various masters. Xingyiliuhe has always struck me as the one with the best hard style moves and Baguazhang has amazing soft techniques.
    It all comes down to how long, how often, and how hard you train.

  19. I see so many comments saying it wouldn't work, and some saying it will. Well, I sure as hell can't take anybody's word for it. I personally think it Could work, but would take a lot of time and practice. Back when these things were created, I may have this wrong, but I think martial artists practiced for at least 3 hours a day. Don't hate if I'm wrong on the technicality, but point is just don't think people should write it off so easily.

  20. What a bunch of idiots… Do u know how hard it is 2 poke the eye… How many times do people in fights punch 2 the chest… What about if u do poke them in the eye and they grab u and take u down? Does it still work if ur on the bottom?

  21. interesting video. i love crane technique very much and i believe this is where aikido was influenced from without the beak .. 

  22. In this style you train for three years between each black sash, my instructor is a fifth degree black sash and has been training for twenty years, call me a liar if you want to, but find a real Shaolin Kung Fu school, and try to armbar the Sifu, most Kung Fu instructors plainly state that there are no rules in a real fight, so grappling in this style involves eye gouging, groin tearing, biting, all kinds of ways to counter grappling, and, in this style, a lot of the forms can be used for multiple opponents, standing up and grappling, as of Saturday I am now a certified green sash in this style and I promise you it comes in handy out in the real world, I can modify a lot of the techniques that I've been taught and compete in mma, which is what I plan to do with my life right after I turn eighteen, still got a few months to train, I'll be a brown sash by then, and by the time I turn twenty, I'll have my first black sash, after that, I'm going to compete in mma, and I'm going to make sure that the art of Shaolin Kung Fu gets the respect it deserves.

  23. I doubt anyone will learn kung fu from 2 min video,also most people would probably brake their fingers if they used kung fu attacks.
    Kung fu practicioners use finger strenghtening extrecises .

  24. palhaçada pra quer bater com a ponta dos dedos se depois de defender ou bloquear acertar com os punhos(um soco) surtirá bem mais efeito?

  25. Kung fu is really fancy but when in a real fight, you can hurt yourself really hard. Your nails and fingers is in peril. After block an punch or kick, i really want to go for a jiu jitsu throw rather than crane hits by my fingertips. Or sweeping him feet really high, so he can fall well, right on is head.

  26. The grabbing and tearing with the tiger claw seems pretty ineffectual (unless it was a tear at the neck) but the palm strike seems excellent.

  27. I learn all this to stop bully in my school and I'm weak at fighting now learn all these I just beat 2 bully in row ha thank for teach Mr.Howcash
    I never forget that u teach me ?

  28. Tiger seems hard because of tearing flesh from someone is strange for me and uncomfortable if used in self defense.

  29. How do i counter like the one i see on a movie like the donnie yen spam wing chun punch.not spam straight punches.punches like donnie yen rotate to 45degree and punching by keep spamming wherever you move any possible counter with both legs and hands?

  30. I like your site but just so little follow-through or explanations but then again this might be that everything's a business.

  31. These videos are really good and useful but when we actually use it on people in school or public we get in trouble

  32. This thing seems nice… for theatre, if you want to work on a technique both practitioners need to work at the same level of speed, it can be either super fast or super slow, only then can you truly tell if your technique works, also,let other dude keep attacking in order to understand better whether or you were able to dominate the situation, from perspective there is nothing stopping him from throwing another move, be it a punch or a kick or anything else

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