How to Do the Sweeping Technique | Shaolin Kung Fu

Hi, I’m Sifu Romaine. Welcome to our video on Shaolin sweeping techniques. We’re going to be demonstrating two sweeps
for you today, the front sweep and the rear sweep. First, we have Ty demonstrating the front
sweep. Let’s go through it nice and slow. To begin with, we start from a standing position. His arms will do what we call a flum circle. That means your right hand will go. Your left hand will follow. As it circles, it’s going to main momentum
to help you spin around. When you drop down, hold, you want your heel
up on this foot. You want your other foot turned in, so that
you can sweep this way, sending your opponent backward. Now, I’ll have Ty demonstrating this, full
speed. Our next sweep will be a rear sweep. To begin with, Spenser will start by circling
his arms, stepping into a forward stance and pushing, bringing his arms back to wind up
for momentum. He’s going to drop down into a drop position,
raising the heel, pivoting, and looking at his foot the whole time, all the way around. Okay. Spenser will demonstrate that full speed. I’m Sifu Romaine and this concludes our demonstration
of sweeping techniques.

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  2. Well done video. I like the slow speed then full speed to get the gist of it. I am sorry to see such juvenile comments on here. This is what happens when you allow middle schoolers access to the internet.

  3. I think you have to do something else but to comment with This word repeatedly —
    You are so boring —
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  4. How is an art not effective on the street? Where on earth do you think those moves came from? Traditional martial arts were used to help people protect themselves in real life situations from someone who wanted to kill them, back in those times it was life or death not losing your wallet to some robber.

  5. Technique nr 2 – DO NOT bring your arms back (to gain force), but directly from the double palm push – bring them straight to the floor. This twisting motion will give you the needed energy for the back leg sweep. (I wrote about this in the previous clip).
    But otherwise good job 😉

  6. Anyone know where I can learn shaolin kung fu at home. Like on online class . They don't have classes where I live

  7. Hi! Sifu, does the opponent need to be standing in a specific posture, and most ofhis weight to be on a certain foot, for this to be effective? Thanks.

  8. my buly has bullyed me for years i kick him and run i awlayways lose him but when i punch him it hurts my knowles so i use i feet im going to use this technique on him tthank u,

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