70 Replies to “How to Do Standard Guard Tactics | MMA Fighting

  1. thanks for the video, I doubt that (and hope) that I'll never need to know this, but at a weight of 104 lbs, anything that could give me the upper hand if I should be attacked certainly helps!

  2. I've been practicing bjj on some big guys at school. I've beaten all of them with ease, but my problem is the weight difference. I'm 5'9 130lbs ish, and I'm usually against guys 170-220 lbs. I have trouble keeping close guard because they are strong and can pick me up since I'm light. So thanks for the vid, I'll definitely learn them and give em a try.

  3. excellent attitude, excellent tag words, and keeping it simple. Students need to listen & watch, then repeat and repeat… too many videos with too much to watch is not helping the students.
    well done..

  4. Thanks for this i actually became frustrated having my guard passed and broke all the time and did not realize i was doing some of these guards but now i know i did not incent them ROFL 🙂

  5. Thank you so very much. I didn't know how to deal with the "no GI" fighters. they get sweaty and slip out of all my holds.

  6. Did the snake control part in sparring today.
    Very nice! My opponents were dumbfounded. I can't wait to add the other parts, Thank you. 🙂

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