How to Do Sambo Martial Arts : Martial Arts Program of the USSR (SAMBO )

On behalf of Expert Village, I’m Stephen Koepfer
at New York Combat SAMBO in New York city, and today I’m going to be demonstrating beginning
SAMBO. SAMBO is a Russian marital art developed in the former Soviet Union in the early 20th
century and it was essentially intended to be a hand to hand combat system for it’s new
red army soldiers. Over the decades, a sport version has evolved. What I’m going to be
showing you today is basically the sports techniques of SAMBO. SAMBO is an acronym,
SAMBO, for self-defense without weapons in the Russian. There’s 2 branches of SAMBO.
A combat SAMBO, which is still whole ties to the self defense side of things and the
sports side, which is mainly throwing grappling. We’re going to be covering the sports side

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