How to Do Leg Locks : Knee Bar 1

Alright this morning I’m going to show you
a knee bar. This knee bar will free you from the half guard, the half guard. This is a
spin behind, basically I’m going to put both my hands on the mat, spin and I’m going to
under hook right here. And I like, usually I like to fall on top of Leon legs; on his
other leg, just to have a little more control. And remember I’m sliding up, sliding up and
I’m kicking my leg’s up, my heels up; using my hip’s to kick up. I’m making my grip and
I’m grinding up to his toe’s, and getting a tap, alright? It’s tapping right here. Alright
let me do it one more time for you. Right here. So I’m in a half guard, I post it; spin
it, under hook; pinch, pinch right here; slide up and get the tap. Alright, and that is a
knee bar turned into a half guard.

24 Replies to “How to Do Leg Locks : Knee Bar 1

  1. One question.. I can the knee bar, everytime I do I hurt my own balls.. when am pressing the leg up..I know in fights they use like ballpretection and stuff… but is it any smart way to avoid this or am I just doing it wrong? please reply:)

  2. stupid n00bs you dont push with your groin' you amplify the preassure with your upper body your lowerbody is just there to keep his/hers tighs in place, i think cliging your legs together would solve the problem..

  3. The groin area is the leverage point. So if you push your groin forward and pulled back with your upper body. The other guy is gonna tap!

  4. lol you're the n00b, you n00b! It's the same when you do an armbar, the hips is the part which makes contact with the breaking points, so you want to stick your hip out as you are extending your back. This is how people do armbars when stacked and can't really extend; they tap because its because of the pressure in the hips

  5. If you figure four, then you're not clamping his knees with yours, and they can swing around. Plus, the way he did it (across the other leg instead of being on the same side as the leg) he is pretty stable since his weight is pinning the other leg and part of his hips to the floor

  6. can this work, even if they have a closed half guard?? or do they need to be waving there leg in the air awaiting a leg lock like in the video??

  7. kinda dangerous, my sparring partner would try some crazy shit like a guillotine if i tried that spin around move on him.

  8. I think they're making an instructional video. If you were in a competition or whatever and have practiced it you can simply lift his leg up from under the knee.

  9. Sorry to be a dumb egg head but i do not understand how this submission causes pain to your opponent. All I see is the leg straight. Please, can someone explain?

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