How to Do Knee on Belly Attacks | MMA Fighting

Hi guys, I’m going to do a couple of attacks
from knee on belly. All right, I have the knee on the belly. Now, Chad is either going
to do a couple of things. He’s going to try and hip out and escape, right, like that,
or he’s going to try and push my knee off this way. Bridge hipping out is much better.
Either way he needs this space. He has to keep this as tight as possible,
it’s very hard, especially if I move my knee out here a little. I’m going to get that elbow
retribution again. This is very painful if I drive my elbow this way. Boom, here, bam,
bam, bam, okay. Also from here, boom, boom, boom. The former UFC heavy weight champion, Cain
Velasquez won his title from punches in the knee in the belly. Okay the knee in the belly,
this knee up, here, he’s tight here, driving me over, get that elbow. Boom, boom, boom.
Push the head down hard, step over, drop your knee, squeeze. Bring your arm over, wrist,
wrist, tight against here. Finish the Kimora, so finish the wrist lock. He grabs his pants
or something. Pull it, go with it, pull it, circle it over, but keeping that elbow tight,
no space… Like that. Push the head down. Now, the next thing. He starts trying to get
my knee off. He’s moving around, just shift over to the other side. Okay watch this, I
can shift this way, or I can do a really secret technique. Watch this, he moves, I base a
little, and I put my knee right on his face, and look at this, right there. All right,
knee on the belly, elbow retribution, push, bang. Knee on the belly, bang, he starts pushing.
I shift, boom, over to the other side. Look at my feet, the windshield boom, over to the
other side, and I can do it again, or if he starts pushing, boom right there. finished.
Two attacks from the knee on the belly.

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