How to Do Basic Strike Combinations | MMA Fighting

Chris: Now that you’ve got some basic strikes,
let’s go though some basic combinations that you can throw in a fight or for drills or
for sparring. So I have Rene here again as my demo partner. First basic combinations I like to throw are
always, you know, punch combinations. You’ve got jab, you’ve got cross, but again
you always have to be ready off of that cross to sprawl especially when you come in for
a take down. So again, I like to use, or set up with, the
hands especially if I’m going to be setting up for kicks. So maybe I’d like to jab, cross and then an
inside leg kick. Okay? Obviously you’ve got the jab, cross and then
you have the outside leg kick. Those are basic combinations. If I throw a jab, cross and I fire that knee,
I have to be ready to sprawl because you’re going to be coming in for that take down. Alright? So again, basic combinations. Jab, cross, inside leg kick. Jab, cross, outside leg kick. Or, the jab, cross, follow up with the knee. But remember, be ready to sprawl. It’s an MMA fight. He’s going to come in for that take down. Alright? Rene: Now, the basic combinations, it depends
what you want. If you just want to stay and stand up striking
that’s great, but some of you want to come in to shoot. So some good combination shoot is double-jab. For a single if you’re southpaw, double-jab
here, stepping in on your jab. Step in on your jab. And you hit the double. Okay? Another one could be a front hand technique. Switch your feet please. Alright? Could be jab, hook, shoot. So you want to punch off your front hand to
cover the distance for your shots.

65 Replies to “How to Do Basic Strike Combinations | MMA Fighting

  1. Damn, I didn't know that most punches are with your left hand if you are right handed. Only the cross is dominant…

  2. The jab, hook, and uppercut all shown in this series are all lefty and the cross is righty but I know what you're saying, I just wanted to get more experienced with fighting rather than just swinging haymakers and wrestling

  3. The second guy on this video , I'd swear was Jerry Lewis from , "The Bell Boy". I'd hate to run into him in a dark alley!!!!!! ooooooooooooooooooooooooh!, scary!

  4. This gym is located NYC 12 w 27th st 2nd floor or google radical mma and you'll see the website and theres the adress.


  6. first off he doesn't know what a cross is. a cross is only when your arm crosses through your opponents arm when he throws a punch

  7. My combo is to go under a head attack then swerve to the right when they strike back then go with a left hook to the stomach right hook to face then knee to the stomach and elbow to the back then I jump on to their back and put them into a guillotine

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  9. The one I do is a jab, cross, uppercut, rear hook, lead hook. Someone, please critique me if there is something I could add or something I can remove.

  10. Jab, cross, left hook uppercut right, uppercut left, and right hook, right kick eblow left switch kick left, right kick eblow to the right and cross to the face

  11. There is one thing I really like about this video that you hardly ever see now in these videos – no big boxing gloves. Just barehanded. Like we did it back in the day. It doesn't get any more realistic than that.

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