How to Do Basic Kung Fu : The Side Kick in Kung Fu

Hi everyone welcome, now we are talking about
side kicks. There are at least two types of side kicks. Side kick with chamber and a side
kick without chamber. A side kick with a chamber is great for self defense, because you are
sending that person out, you are sending that person this way. Now side kick with chambering,
with chambering. Without chambering, without chambering it is so straightforward and no
body turning to the side, watch without chambering, without chambering. Without chambering it
is a lot faster it depends on where you are kicking. Now here we are at the punching bag.
He is putting his hand up. Sometimes you will see the Tai Kwan side kicker they always drop
their hands down. Why? Because it’s faster. If you want to drop your hands down you want
to make sure that the distance is long. If you are this close of course, you have got
to put your hands up. Now assume that he is in close range and he is going to deliver
a side kick. Right to the ribs is good enough because like I said punching in the stomach
will not be as touch as throwing a kick to the stomach. Because that foot to the stomach
would damage internal organs if you throw it right. One more time this is a 120 pound
kick bag. Go. Now next one, thank you. He just showed the chamber mood. How about using
the front leg? If using the front leg you see this with the momentum, with the momentum.
We have to pop this one off the floor, pop this one off the floor, pop this one off the
floor. Ready? We have to pop it by shrinking your body like a ball and send it out. Again.
Now this is the way I always practice the power kick. Difficult but I love it and after
that you can send it out, go for it. This one is going to be a powerful side kick because
with someone holding your shoulder you can jam it straight into the ribs. Thank you for
working the Kung Fu Program and I will see you later.

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  1. Every second matters my ass! Stupid ass ATT advertisement lagged like a kitten chewing on a rhinestone. Any way, the master teaches the side kick very well. I'm sure one will need more practice, but this is a great start.

  2. I wish to know is experience in gong fu too not only in violin and film scoring thanks
    is a good shifu by the way 🙂

  3. thanks for posting this vido on youtube cas i was geting beetun up at schl and iwhachd this and i kided back and from then on he stopt bulling me

  4. @LuvChestnut erm most martial arts have very similar basic techniques e.g. horse stance, front/back stance, round kick/front kick etc. karate does not possess the side kick technique exclusively. its also in taekwondo, may thai and most forms of kung fu

  5. @LuvChestnut


    That dude is wearing a kung fu outfit, and he's chinese.

    He is not wearing a gi, and he's not japanese.

  6. this is really good but what if you are in school and have a fight and if you use this kick to the ribs say it brakes the ribs then your screwed lol

  7. @TheFoxClaw Chambering means lifting your leg up right before the kick like for example if your doing a roundhouse kick you lift your knee up and point it at the target " thats chambering " before you actually throw the kick.

  8. @Austinbx1231 yes, roundhouse kick comes around aiming for the side of the ribs or head " Side Kick goes straight thru the target pushing them back. " in a straight forward motion.

  9. great video! thanks for posting it! do you have any advice, i can get do a knife edge side kick with my right leg but my left cant.. any reason why??

  10. I have a question because first he says : if someone is holding you on your shoulder,the side kick is a really powerful can just kick into the rips. But how is this going to work out if he person whos holding you is so could Not streth your leg at this short how does this work?

  11. he never said dont drop your hands down
    he just said its faster and if you want to do it, make sure the distance is long enough for you to kick

  12. To comment on the wing chun comment, there is no such thing As a better king fu. All are equally with flaws and perks. It's the fighter. Practice in any school of martial arts will make you a force to be reckoned with. Wing chun is attacking while defending. And defending while attacking. Where as other forms of martial arts is either attacking or defending. It's about preference in the end and the amount I devotion you put into your practice.

  13. Kung fu sidekick is almost egsactly (escuse spelling) like Taekwondo sidekick. I do Taekwondo and I personally think its better than Kung fu

  14. @studypatterns first off, the purpose of studying Kung fu is to develop self mastery and control of oneself, not to fight. A young student who trains with a good instructor is less likely to get into trouble than someone who lacks the confidence necessary to ignore provocations. My son Minh, who is 12, is a black sash who only spars with adults because of his skill level. He's never had a fight outside of class. Second, the laws to which you refer only apply to unprovoked assaults, not self

  15. wing chun is kung fu , kung fu is not a style , kung fu mean any skill that require long term of practice that include cooking , sewing . u have to see which specific style of chinese martial art it is if u really wan to compare for nothing . : )

  16. you notice when he chambers he moves the leg he is going to stand on closer to his other leg so he can kick higher/stronger. when he doesn't chamber he just kicks from wherever he is standing. faster but less powerful.

  17. Lol tkd can't be better than kung fu that's to say tkd is better than many many martial arts and offers more or as much which it doesn't.

  18. ahhh moving the leg closer to the other dose NOT make it higher, believe me because i do it, leaning your body down does

  19. DAMN, you see how he moves the heavy sand bag with the kick? imagine if you were replaced with this sand bag, you will flew not less than 4 meters back

  20. Very good demo. Usually the people who demonstrate Martial arts on expert village aren't good.
    But I think this guy knows what he's talking about.

  21. What is the difference between the side kick without chamber and the one with chamber ? Please reply fast ^_^

  22. I still don't understand how to do the side kick without chambering first. How can you throw a side kick without lifting your knee first?

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