How to Do Basic Kung Fu : The Jab in Kung Fu

What is this? This is jab in reverse. And
why am I asking him to punch in a face level? Because think about it. Stop, thank you. Think
about it. If both punching, landing on the chest, assume that this guy has bigger chest,
stronger body, he’s not going to use. Especially for a small size like me or ladies. Therefore,
I’m now recommending you, I’m just trying to show you which target should you punch.
Imagine that there’s a nose right here. You turn your hip, bend your knee, and throw your
fist straight, bang, bang, like bullets shooting straight through that red dots. Begin. Go…go..,
you see that? Hitting the target on the nose doesn’t take any power bigger than this. This
is what you work on to destroy the nose but be very careful. I’m not teaching you to destroy
people’s face. Now when it comes to self defense and you don’t know how to stop your opponent,
this can be one of the good techniques. Nose, nose. Go, go. And when he and hands with his
hip you will see a difference. And you got to breathe in, breathes out. Good, nice jab.
And now, take a look. If he is punching straight forward, try not to show the shoulder. Especially
when you do this. Your opponent, once he’s experienced, he can tell. Now, move your shoulder
up. Now take a look. Every time I jerk the power house, that fist will come up. Again.
Same thing with the back hand, every time I jerk the powerhouse, it goes straight in.
Go. Good, then once we put them all together. Go, go. That’s right. And it takes time and
practice. The first thing, you’ve got to be relaxed and how to be relaxed. Of course,
I will bring you the subject of Tai Chi that will help you to relax your body and get yourself
into a very, very good mood when you are throwing your punches. Thank you.

60 Replies to “How to Do Basic Kung Fu : The Jab in Kung Fu

  1. Very good series! Your explanations are so clear and eloquent compared to the many 'demonstration' videos. So many neglect the foundation and center explanations, it is a wonder to learn anything of use.

  2. True that. the Taekwondo dude is unbelievably rubbish. I'm better than him at green tag level and he's meant to be 5th dan black belt or something rediculous 😛

  3. out of all the martial arts videos I have see on expertvillage here on youtube, this guy is by far the best, at least in my opinion.

  4. I agree with you to a certain extent but try to remember that not all Americans are arrogant, and also that this man came to America because he saw some good in it or else he would not have come, and we would not be benefitting from watching his videos if he had not.

  5. You're right. Western boxing is amazing.

    Good kung fu will incorporate good boxing.

    I think it is good that he sticks to the basic boxing techniques. There is much more to learn in kung fu at the same time, especially grappling techniques involving precise footwork.

    People who want to learn the most sophisticated punching and so on should definitely take western boxing on top of whatever else they are learning. It is awesome.

  6. lol he was slapping the guys fat around!

    i know what he was truly up to!

    but truly a good teacher, id like to train under him!

  7. Punching someone in the face will only mess up your hand if you don't know how to punch. Yeah, I've seen my share of idiots aim for the forehead, but people who know what they're doing aim for the jaw and the nose.

  8. I look at it this way: Wing Chun will teach you control and precision, where as Kickboxing (to a degree) will teach you to hone aggression. I also think you need a blend of both

  9. @muzammil305
    It is important with the elf defense! once they come over from LotR you don't know what's gonna happen!

  10. A good concept as far as not telegraphing your punches is to let the punch start in your hand rather than your shoulder and then drive your body weight through once you reach your target.

  11. @vampirefish1 the power house is the hips and core. He is distinguishing the hips and core from the shoulders. He's saying that we should generate punching power from the hips and core rather than the shoulder because when punching from the shoulder you cant generate as much power and its easier for your punches to be read

  12. this guy needs to get the fuck off "expert" village and make his own channel, he's just about the only guy i've seen from "expert" village who isn't a complete clown, he actually knows what he's doing!

  13. The master is an excellent teacher.

    The students seem really newbies. One thing that bothers me with the punching student is the way he closes his eyes when doing it.

    That's a no no …

    Eyes opened, or else you're not focused enough

  14. "but be careful im not teaching you to destroy peoples face" lmao this guy is the best for fighting on expert village

  15. the awkward moment when you come from a previous video and come to the next part then somebody copied your comment : /

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