27 Replies to “How to Do a Jump Axe Kick | Taekwondo Training

  1. Man doing the Axe kick to begin with requires extreme flexibility. I love the videos though thank you Howcast!!

  2. These videos are great help I am thinking of joining taeqaundo thank you a lot (ps I don't know how to spell that) 😂

  3. I'm in taekwondo for almost 2 years now. It was in one of my recent belt tests that I first heard of this technique. It was one that I never ever learned (or heard of) before, and unfortunately I couldn't perform it well during the test, so after that test I said "okay, let's check this technique out and see how it's done" and searched for this video. Now I'm starting to practice it and apply it to my sparring sessions. This video has helped me a lot. Balance is one of the things I am, and still need to, improve in martial arts (also flexibility!). Also, every detail is very well explained and very helpful in order to perform this technique. Thank you for sharing this video. 🙂

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