How To Defend Someone Pushing You – The Bruce Lee’s JKD Way

100 Replies to “How To Defend Someone Pushing You – The Bruce Lee’s JKD Way

  1. Someone come too close? -YOU PUNCH TO THROAT!! Lmao Wtf is this goof trying to teach us here??? How to lose a fight? How to get arrested with criminal charges? ….Or what t-shirt NOT to wear if you wanna be taken seriously?? Wow

  2. Thanks for the lesson sifu 😎 i live by this rule : harm no person but let no person harm you! To the idiots out there if your just learning martial arts to beat people up your missing the point! One of my favorites by master Lee : boards dont hit back! ☯

  3. Or after going up, instead of an eye gouge, grab their head and ram their face into the top of your skull hard AF. Then leave, saving permanent injury to someone in a dumbass heated moment…

  4. Nahh i prefer the Patrick Swazey style of fighting..Pain don't hurt!!!..Remeber take it outside!!loll

  5. I believe Bruce Lee also taught that the best way to avoid a hit is not to be where the hit is. Easy defense. Walk away and don't get caught up in pointless displays of aggression. You don't "win" a confrontation with these people, no matter the outcome.

  6. He pushes forward with intent! Your reaction time plus stretch your arm upward makes it for a fail 99% of the times.

  7. I drop my drawers when an attacker is coming at me. They are always put in fear and scramble in fright. Every time. Yup.

  8. If someone pushes you, you hit him on the face, you will go to jail. It's unbelievable this video advises people using excessive force on someone pushing you.

  9. It's very handy to have there less experienced student, because he does the mistakes which we all do.. we less experienced.. Thank you very much Dan 🙂

  10. I’m surprised you don’t know about what Bruce Lee showed Taky. Far more effective and efficient with less motion.
    You are less able to react on time with this beginners move.

  11. If you want to train martial arts ? Better to go on Aikido and Wing chun. But martial arts technique and when you combine them ? No one can beat you. Some can strike you but not hard if you see fast and act fast

  12. Hit first….hit fast…….hit last…. Always my principle for self defense…..instinctively actually…….my personal space is just mine

  13. Pushing comes after the verbal altercation… it's cliche it takes two to fight… it's the space invader that's the most risky…. they're looking to give you a sucker punch… so stepping back is a good technique… if they keep coming this when you attack…. by stepping forward you give them your Sucker Punch!

  14. I respect the techniques and the intention behind it but in reality it's always to chaotic to execute the as simply as they look I believe only Bruce Lee could use them effectively with his explosive speed, accuracy and power

  15. Unfortunately in England we have a law that if you beat the hell out of someone who's just walking towards you, you're guilty of assault.

  16. Haha, Dan. I bet you never fought in a street or with someone for real. And you teach us how to fight, haha.

  17. Very simple and straightforward you don't have to be a 15yr plus master to effect these moves on someone, which is good for all sexes and body builds. Explosive and hit to put down exactly what you need to do if you want to be able to walk away from a dangerous situation with your life and uninjured so to speak or at least minimal.

  18. I reckon once you've done that push block thing, fly in and headbutt the prick straight in the face… Much more effective than moves aimed towards the eyes which require accuracy and finesse.

  19. I always taught my students to use reasonable force. If we strike in the eyes or throat for simply pushing us is this reasonable force? Is it worth serving a jail term if you kill the attacker? I love Tai Chi as it teaches control and the use of reasonable force.

  20. The first line of defense is to avoid the challenge… you can do a side step or you can do a pivot turn… if there's a witness he can say you defended yourself…. if you hit the other guy first you could go to jail while the perpetrator gets off the hook!…. troublemakers always lie and say you started the fight!

  21. If you studied the history of Bruce Lee… he was a troublemaker… Ip Man… told Bruce Lee to go out and pick a fight… to see if his techniques worked! Subsequently Bruce Lee was in trouble with the police… henceforth he had to leave Hong Kong and go to the United States and retain his US citizenship!

  22. What if your opponent is taller than you say 1.85 m tall and wearing pad guard in his groin area and also wearing body armour? Thanks. I once sparred with someone who used ninjitsu and all his sensitive spots like groin, armpit are protected.

  23. you mean laying down, curling up in a fetal position and whimpering is not a good idea, now i have to rethink everything

  24. Thank you for your instructions on how to defend yourself from someone getting to close when they want to hurt me. JKD Is Very Useful. Thank you!!!

  25. Take two steps back and place your feet in a good fighting stance, but lose and relaxed. Keep your hands unthreatening. If they advance to the spot where you started from, they are in striking distance and are obviously aggressive. Strike decisively and don't stop striking until they are incapacitated or you have an opportunity to escape.

  26. Another video on HOW TO GO JAIL. Why would you hit somebody in the chest, you could kill somebody hitting them in the chest.

  27. Don't have to fight nearly as much as I used to, it's rare these days, guess it's age and wisdom and less testy-osterone.

    My technique was this;
    "Fight? You sure? Can't talk you out of it?"… I begin laying my old id's on the ground from my wallet, drivers lic, vaterans card/military id, texas prison id, federal prison id…i typically never make it past the last one. Not sure this can help any of you but it works for me plenty well. It also helps to take hand-to-hand combat classes, j.j., krav m., grappling techniques…become proficient in self defense AND offense.

  28. I knew this guy knew martial arts before I even looked it up. I subscribed to this channel for business tips and knowledge. IDK how but just watching his body movements while talking it's like I just knew he was a martial artist. Can somebody explain how I would know this without ever finding out? Is it possible to just read somebody and know? thanks

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