How to Defend against a Gang Attack

[Code Red Defense] Okay guys I’m going be teaching you how to defend against a gang attack. Now again, working in clubs. This was the most common scenario I would see. This is why when people would tell me grapple and take the guy to the ground. The biggest factor in a street fight is multiple attackers. Weapons. Those are the dangerous stuff and I don’t know if any these guys are armed. And if I take one I can be the best Jujitsu master with 10 Dan and 100 years of grappling. If I could take Vasil down to ground and Rock is standing by, I’m getting booted in the head. And I’ve seen this in real fights. That’s why I say, you never want to hit the ground if you’re fighting in a street fight. You want to take the fight standing up. The other problem with multiple attackers, a lot of people teach like stuff like…okay come over here you two. And it’s like okay. If you’re faced with three attackers don’t move. When these two charge, charge. You do this and then when this guy charges you do that and you’re out. Now, how the hell do I know where this guys are going to move? How the hell do I know how they’re going to move? How the hell do I know how they’re going to position, this is craziness, Right? If you’re training like this you will get killed in the streets because I don’t know which ones got a weapon, I don’t know which ones going to move first. I don’t how they’re going to move, I have no clue what’s going to happen and just to prove that point to you that fighting doesn’t happen the way that a lot of the self-defense trainers teach. And it’s unrealistic. Let me do a scenario with this guys. You’re not allowed to strike… all your guys are going to do is I want you guys to try to rough me up. Okay? Go. [SOUND] Get them boys.>>Okay. What’s going on.>>[CROSSTALK] I don’t have any money on me. [SOUND]
[CROSSTALK] I got a something for you.>>Where are you going at?>>Don’t touch me.>>What’s the problem guys? [CROSSTALK] Now, the most important thing your faced against a large group like this. Number one I want to avoid staying static. Which means, if they’re coming towards me, I want to avoid standing here because right here, they decide to charge me I’m going down. I don’t care how I move, where I move, I’m going down. Again, I would be hitting first definitely. In gang attack this scenario, you got to hit first. But you got to remember, I’m going to strike first, and then I’m faced with two attackers, and if you don’t knock out the first guy, you’re faced with three attackers so you better be ready to hit and fight like crazy or get the hell out as quickly as possible. Now, you can see, what is the most important thing you need to learn here? And that we’re going to teach you. And even in the multiple attackers video, we have a huge amazing video with these guys plus extra guys who were just doing multiple attackers scenarios, up to five on one. What are we trying to teach you? Understanding how to position yourself. So if I’m faced with a Rock, and he’s in my face, Gio is here, Gio comes in front of Rock, comes here, he becomes my pivot. Guy’s start moving around They’re moving here, I’m trying to keep them between the other two attackers. Suddenly, I just switched to Rock, Vasil comes in front, I move in front of Vasil where I’m talking to the guy. What I don’t want to do is stand over here, anyway I look at it I’m going to get hit. So that’s the most important thing when you’re faced in a gang attack. The other thing, don’t stay static and you got to strike first. Again you’re faced against three guys, this is not the movies. I’m not going to go boom, boom, whack, kick and throw it back and they’re all going to fall to the ground. Chances are, and I’ve seen a lot of fights like this happen, if these guys are actually committed, and multiple attackers. I’ve seen fights when you hit one guy and they all run, that’s not a multiple attackers attack.
That’s not a gang fight. I’ve seen gang fight, what happens is all three are ready to commit and take you down and kick your freakin’ ass. That’s what a gang fight is, and I can tell you from experience, when you’re faced against this type of thing, you either hit fist, start thinking to get the hell out as quickly as possible. Just as you saw how I positioned them in a way, “boom” I’m gone. I’m gone. All these three guys are bigger than me. I’m about to square off with them. I don’t even know if they’re armed. I’m not going to sit there and say, oh yeah, this guy’s going to move first.
And when he does I’m going to move the left. And then when this guy’s going to come up that way. I don’t know, we can do every, we can do ten different scenarios and get ten complete different outcomes. [Code Red Defense]

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  1. If you run that would b the most pussy thing to do but probably get yourself out of harm. I’m here cause this girl ordered a bunch of 6 foot, swole, guys to jump me and I’m only 5’8 and weigh 120 compared to 6 foot and 200,250 pounds. Really need a REAL answer to what to do..

  2. How about throwing wood sticks and using my sandles and my chopsticks??? I think that's better for asians…

  3. welp didnt work for me i practiced this thing for a month before a gang war started anddd im straight up in the hospital rip me

  4. you're not cool when you try to talk like that.
    you just sound unlearned and foolish. first of

    all why are you talking about asses. most people
    don't own asses, second of all, why did you mention fornication?
    that is not what i clicked on this video to hear.

    also why did you mention hell? do you even know what that is?
    if you do, why then are you saying it? go back to english class
    and learn how to talk more properly you fool

  5. Yeah, I was on the school bus after a verbal argument. Next day later they planned to jump me and my brother. 2 brothers and a sister were the attackers. I'll tell you why they brought there sister in a second. They drop there backpacks, and there I knew what was gunna happen. But I paid no mind. ear buds in and I relaxed. Next thing you know it was a 2v2. They pushed us both into seat. My brother lifts one up and throws him into the seat in front of him and hits him with 3 powerful blows to the face. He's down. Then the sister comes in and screams "don't jump my brother" even though it was her party to attacked and planned it. My brother hides in the seat and let's her and the other punch him in the jaw and arms. He refused to hit a female. I GET up and attempt to stop the fight and ended up getting slapped by one of the brother, however. Did not fight back. I continued to hold an off till a friend grabbed him and that, ultimately ended the fight. Officer came on the bus and asked the attackers "ever been to court" all said no. His reply was just perfect xD. "Welp, your going now!"

  6. Three guys actually jumped me but I ended up getting out because I knocked 2 out and the other one ran

  7. I just got run up on but they didn’t do anything cause these old men came round the corner but I nearly got jumped

  8. How to defend a gang attack: don't put yourself in a situation there you will be attacked by gang.

    29 years, doing just fine.

  9. Better idea… MAC 11

    edit: or a glock 19, or a 9mm in general……or if u dont have that a pocket knife works well

  10. You just talk we can't learn any thing .. this is talking channel not for artist .. fuck off bro ♥️

  11. Always carry a knife. Stab the first motherfucker in the arm. Hopefully that will make his buddies back off. If not, stab all of them like crazy.

  12. If its more than one person, unless you're a trained fighter I'd always advise to run and fast, you never know how many or where they are going to be, they might beat you up and leave you or they might stamp on your head and kick you whilst you're down, fuck pride and fuck revenge, get out of there as quickly as you can and don't fight a losing battle

  13. sk at the end u just do what i kinda didnt get it run hide what fight ill just suck them for no reason i get my ass kicks but ya thats not the way it is what if its knife or gun involved what to do u just die basicly

  14. But if gonna win the fight you must make sure the space around you and you must be a good runner and know well how to fight while running,only one person will face you at one time not all of them if you keep running,and make sure you wont drop

  15. The worst thing is knowing that people are watching you and some are recording instead of helping when you're about to be jumped.

  16. shitttt i got jumped already best option is to plan a way out. nigga get the fuck out of there. or through some hits in the head

  17. watch and learn to this self-defense tutorial about how to ise your elbow for self defense by a 7 years old girl… Thanks and godbless..

  18. THANK U i take Kung fu class but these girls in my grade wanna come fight me so I dist them and told the police I ran fast cause I didn’t have my gang THANK U

  19. Thx, I'm starting to get aware that today a 20+ y/o gangster just went into my class, I tell my friends "what a nasty smell perfume!" when I turned back, he is just at the corner smoking(vape) , he said he wanted to find someone, my Indian friend, he's nice, generous and friendly,

    One day he's just not in a good mood, a person asked for a chocolate, he refused cause that time he also already packed his things, well, that person ripped his bag tho, from that day he starting to hate that person, and now that person call a gangster to come and settle up with my Indian friend, my class do have some of his(the gangster) friend, they're in a group, bullying me and my friends in class, I should be like Laurie strode and get over with, I mustn't let him change my live forever! I will revenge soon

  20. Punch the guy who first comes to you throw a right hit the next guy with a left.hopefully you hurt one of the two guys you hit now you have two left to fight hold on to one and pound him while you mite get hit on by one .then you have one left.or just punch at all of them they mite back up and realize the you are tough.i fought 3 guys one time.i did not win however i did land a few punches.good luck

  21. the best realisic video ever happen to me alone versus 8drunkard guys.mistaken me for a bar bouncer since they are having a problem with the bar owner.when start to break the glass i just run.and they did try to chase me but failed.i run like a cheetah.get covered and call the police immediately.glad im a live now and can be with the love now,and appreciate my life more.

  22. When faced with multiple attackers, one should take care of attacker that is weak first.

    1. Lower the numbers
    2. Don't get surrounded ( via running and fighting anyone who catches up )
    3. Be aggressive. ( Via intimidate by taking down several attackers at once or do moves that is dangerous like breaking an arm )

  23. When fighting multiple attacker's keep the Target moving and give it every thing you got ! If there any weopons available use them! When you show them you can do damage, even multiple attacker's can be Intimidated !; Make an Example out of the Toughest one or the Biggest one and the other's will think twice ! When live a Rough neighborhood your Reputation as Good fighter is Mandatory ! Even Multiple Attacker's will think Twice !

  24. got jumped by three guys yesterday, right in front of my house, and unfortunately from behind. I'm a trained fighter and know how to handle myself, but against my head already getting clocked followed by a whirlwind of punches there was nothing I could do except protect my temples and look for the immediate exit. One guy tried to pick me up and slammed me by didn't successfully and then my backpack came off and I booked it. This video was good teaching situational awareness but sometimes there's just nothing you can do. Yes I know I should have turned around but I was literally next to the stairway leading to my house and I didn't, next time I will.

  25. just run… those two big guys are not going to run as fast as you… and if the third one reaches its him alone break his bloody leg

  26. Stfu im 5,4 ill beat u alone lol can u believe what this guy saying lol omg it reminds me of Always Sunny in Philadelphia lol i have to been beat up an robbed by 3 baby bodybuilders the oldest baby was at least 1 because he was walking

  27. 4 things you need to know to survive on the streets
    1. How to jump a fence
    2. How to fight
    3. How to lay low

    But the final step is….

    How to persuade niggas with fried chicken and watermelon?

  28. Well if gang attack me I'm just gonna fight them strike first like your a super hero well chances rate to win is 0.000001% well if you are not brave enough just talk to them and use the attacker to block the other guy buy punching his face and push then run to your friends that can help you if you encounter them atleast you are ready to fight them

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