How to Defend against a Front Choke | Krav Maga Defense

I’m teaching defense against a choke from
the front. Alright. A choke , when he chokes this is a relatively
simple solution. You can punch him, you can punch him, you
can poke him in the eye, you can do very many things from that place. However, all of those things that I told you
about are toys. And if you want to retain information quick,
in the art we try to develop material or work in material that is basically your natural
instinct. And if somebody grabs your throat this is
a natural instinct to raise your hands up. What we want to remember as what we can’t
work power against power. So we always have to make him as weak as we
can. So, just so you know understand here he is
extremely strong, so is he also very powerful. If you try to push him that way and naturally
the weakest part of his arm will be the farther out towards the stomach. To make sure that this becomes effective,
we also want to strike him at the same time. So it’s not just I’m going to block his hands
and then I’m going to strike him. What I’m trying to do is block his hands and
strike him at the same time. So even if he’s so powerful, and I couldn’t
fight that off that kick to the groin is going to weaken him a little bit and give me the
opportunity to open up gap. It’s important for the people who’s watching
it to remember that naturally from here I’m going to continue and striking him in anyway
I can. However, for the purpose of teaching it we
are just showing you the basic motions. Thank you. Come on guys, do it a couple of times, slow. We’re going to raise our hands up and bring
them in, take your elbows to the rear. Again. And one. Again, and one. Now, naturally you have to understand that
for us its in the art, the most important thing is to strike somebody, if you forgot
to do any defensive motion that you forgot, the most important thing for you to remember
is that you must hit him some how . And I’ve should have started from your knee but this
is too easy, so now you’re going to combine the knee and the motions together of the hand. Okay, and one, knee and hand. Again. One, and boom, and one, and boom, and one,
and boom. And let’s add another motion to it which is
we gonna back and hit him and then we just gonna open up the gap and make sure that we
are okay. So, we go one, hit, and open up gap. Let’s go again. Hit, up hit it and provide some space. Let’s go again, a little more speed. Again. Again. So guys please, pair doubles, start choking. Get closer to him, I don’t need continuations. Again. Very nice. Okay. Thank you very much. Face forward.

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  1. Krav Maga is the most deadly of fighting techniques of anything out there. It's used by the most dangerous CIA agents, MI6, body guards for "VIPs" like political leaders etc. Guaranteed results of the best kind. I'm sub'd to this channel and thank you for your tutorials!

  2. Another method is to stick your thumbs into there eyes and keep pushing your thumbs into the eyes until they let go

  3. Somebody tried to choke me to death in this manner and it was totally unexpected,your very first reaction will be "what in the hell is going on?" then there is the realization " oh hell, I am getting choked to death!' then it was" ok, how am I going to get out of this?" all this happens in about half of an eternity as to you time slows down. As the vision begins to fade in your eyes to black, you must have done something to break his grip on your neck,otherwise that will be as far as you get in life.

  4. Wouldn't this get you off balance? Seems they would have an easier time choking you on the ground after you've fallen down.

  5. We practised the choke in our last training in Krav Maga , and my buddy was extremely strong with two iron hands, and a second after he put his hand around my throat and start to squeeze I couldn't move or do anything, so to make it effective, you literally have to execute the move the second he touch your throat ,( as it demonstrat in the video ) you'll not be able to do much after your opponent start squeezing your airway.

  6. front choke make me puke, every badass shifu/master loves to show what he can do,
    I ask you, how many attackers do the front choke?  I would only use front choke against a Child or a short, petite woman,  You should istead learn defense agaist ONE HAND  cholke… and the strike with right hand that will come in a second

  7. oh so they freeze and let you go through the step by step defense. interesting. i would like to see the real thing… guy grabs your throat as he rushes towards you forcing you back as your blood is cut off.

  8. If the attacker is doing something so aggressive as a choke, would you not continue to attack right after the knee to the groin? Seems if you back away you have given up an advantage and now He will come at you again.

  9. My story and why I need this: Right now I'm a weaky. I need this because last November I was with a few older guys (14,15,12) I was like 9 and I'm still pretty young but I was talking about trump and he was joking around and he chocked me down a table. Thank you.

  10. My (ferocious female) self defense teacher said attacking the testicle area is much less effective than striking the knee, instep, solar plexus or throat…

  11. very good teaching braking down this move !! I like!! also what ever happen to the respect for our masters ! it does not matter where they come from or who they are as long as that person is teaching correctly ! some times i wonder, is this to deep for there shallow mines!

  12. You will never choke a grown man like this in real life.
    A "choke" like this is only good for show in movies – it wouldn't work in life!
    I used to practice judo for years.
    Once we had an exercise to show us the futility of an exact "choke" like this one.
    We were just standing there, arms down, tensing necks a bit, lowering chins and basically laughing at the other guys attempts to apply an absolutely ineffective "choke".
    There is no way to choke a normal person out this way.
    Check it out for yourselves if the other person can choke you this way.
    Then see the real judo / jiu-jitsu chokes and how they're applied.

  13. This is a lot of unnecessary force and not necessarily effective. The strike may or may not loosen the choke, and in the meantime you've expended valuable energy. It's a lot easier to simply use body rotation, as I demonstrate here:

  14. My teacher taught me this tonight. He also taught me a finisher. The guy in the video did everything correct. My teacher taught me how to go in and use the knees more. However what he just taught in this video is effective.

  15. Not perfect cuz in real life this grip is tight and to release hands you have to turn to one side and then use ur elbow to attach face then do what ever you you want either knee or hummer punch on the head

  16. can someone give me the guy who put his hands around his necks contact info? facebook? anything? pls ?im interested

  17. What is person is on top and his one leg is on chest of victim and choking him with both hands and victims 1 hand is under his other foot what to do in such situation? Please i m not joking i want know cuz that happened to me.

  18. The moment you lean back and raise your knee, you're off balance, on one leg, and you'll be on the ground – making a bad situation far worse…

  19. Just take my advice guya, ive been through this and im only a 5'2 guy the other guy was 6'2. What I advice you to do if someone grabs your throat is to just go for their vingers, just bent their vingers easy

  20. so apparently this video's about how to protect yourself against strangers…
    I came here to learn how to protect myself against my friend when he chokes me.

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