How to Choose Fencing Equipment : Choosing Fencing Electrical Equipment

Electric equipment. Once you’re ready to own
your own electric equipment, there are a couple pieces that you’re going to need. One of them
we already talked about. That is the Lame. It goes over your jacket, it conducts electricity,
and helps score your touches. Also, you’re going to need a body chord. A body chord plugs
into your weapon, goes through your jacket, and plugs conveniently into one of these chords
while you’re fencing. So, if you want to have your own electric equipment to use while you’re
practicing for electrics, that’s great. If you want to compete competitively, you’re
going to need all of this stuff. Let me show you an electric sword. This happens to be
an electric epee. You can see at the top there’s a button that is depressed when a score is
touched–when a touch is scored–when target area is touched. And also in the back you
have this place in which you will plug this so that you will be all hooked up and ready
to score accurately and electronically. So, the electric epees and foils are a little
more expensive than the dry ones. That’s one reason I suggest that you begin with a dry
weapon, a non-electric weapon, also because blades do break. You want to practice with
a dry weapon when you’re not practicing for the purpose of practicing electric. One of
these will run you about a hundred to two hundred dollars. It’s pretty much the same
between foils and epees. And, of course, you can spend a little bit more on the higher
end if you would like to. So those are the primary electric pieces. You do need other
pieces while you’re fencing. These are the ones that are specifically electric.

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