How to Choose a Martial Arts School : Having Discipline at Martial Arts School

Hi, I’m Mike Payne, owner of the Academy of
the Martial Arts, speaking on behalf of Expert Village. I will discuss what to look for in
a martial arts school. When I began my martial arts training, it was very painful. There
were a lot of injuries. A lot of training that is provided out there is not really smart.
One of the things that I learned through the years is that mothers are typically the ones
who sign their kids up for class. So what are the mothers looking for in a martial arts
school? They are looking for a school that will care about there kids. Also, they are
looking for a school that is safe. Another huge concern is that you want a school that
is clean. You do not want to walk in the door and it smells like a sweaty gym. You definitely
want to go to a martial arts school that is clean and doesn’t smell.

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