How to Break Boards in Martial Arts : How to do Four Board Power Breaking in Martial Arts

LASZLO HUVE: On behalf of Expert Village,
my name is Laszlo Huve, here in New York City, Camp Undefeated. Today, we’ll try to break
a board. Our next break is a power break. This is usually more than two or three or
four boards. You have two choices: you could use spacers or you could do–you have it over
each other. Usually, with the boards, because they are made out of wood, they bend. So,
it’s very important to go through the break; otherwise, the flexibility of the board makes
you to break the lower boards or the top boards but not all of them together. So you have
to be able to go through with the break. Positioning of the body, again, is very important. It’s
a low walking stance or half stance. Your hip is positioned in the same line with the
board. The shoulder is in position, in the same line with the board. My hitting hand,
my knife hand strike, has to be able to go as low as possible, preferably touching the
floor. So my legs has to be able to let me down, go through and break the boards. Very
important to breathe. Usually people use kiai or a fast exhale of the oxygen out of the
lungs to be able to go through. So let’s strike it down. My right hand will go through the
board, breaking the boards.

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  1. Great stuff. I'm more of a style breaker than a power or speed breaker, but great stuff. Really useful. Didn't catch the name of the guy breaking, but what federation/style is he? Just out of curiosity.


  2. the rebreakable boards i've seen have a little bit of padding on them, I don't know if yours do too, but that make a big difference

  3. in my country (new zealand) we use dressed pine (not rough sawn) same as you use in building houses, shelves etc. idea is to get pieces with wide grain and no knotes. also make sure its nice and dry

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  5. u couldn't break 4 boards if you jumped off a fucking 2 story building with your elbow in cased in concrete, dumb shit, lets see your video….ya what i thought.

  6. 5 and 6 are significantly harder than 4. My demonstration break is usually 5 boards, no spacers, upwards with a ridgehand at mid chest level.

  7. lol i looked at the video time and i didn't think he was gonna do it then right in the last second from 1:30 to 1:30 BAM

  8. @sevenheadeddragon thats the stupidest quote that every body uses!! pads dont hit back but every single martial artist/fighter uses them

  9. @minitari its only stupid if you don't get it and the context bruce lee says it cause the guy he's about to fight breaks a board to impress him and of course its not impressive because ….. thats right boards cannot hit back

  10. @sevenheadeddragon who asked this? you talk like Bruce Lee created this line. He also learned it just like we ^^

    this video is shit.

  11. @sevenheadeddragon yeh dude the boards dont hit back punching bags dnt hit back lines are starting to become prety stupid, its overused and dumb now no dis respect to bruce though

  12. Seriously? four boards with spacers is just one board over and over. and judging by how off balance he ended I would say he pushed through them… Using strength. Strength is not Power.

  13. @iggymydog my friend, you will have to do more than create a secondary youtube account to have any clout in this world. i hope you will begin to look around and see the good in people, instead of tearing them down. otherwise you will find yourself alone, sad, and angry… crying out to the world through your only true friend, your computer. i will pray for you

  14. @thedamnedapostle i dont tear people down i defend others i cant rembember what the thing between us was but if i attacked you it was cuz u were being a jerk or dissing martial arts

  15. Well, several months ago I commented that expert villiage is a waste of time… you took it as a personal crusade and have been leaving crude comments on my page ever since. Look, I really don't care if you need to troll people to feel better about yourself, but at least own up to your actions.

  16. I actually tried this i fucked up and broke 2 out of 5 because of my stance and how much force i put into it

  17. @m5342 Put a penny on the ground beneath the boards. Imagine trying to hit the penny instead of the board. It will help you with your follow through.

  18. im going to do what all youtubers do when they see a cool martial arts demonstration yell FAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKEEEEE

  19. I'm a 3rd degree black belt (Shaolin Kempo). I've broken a stack of four cement tiles, I've done it in downward straight hand punch, stack of 6 with an Axe Kick, & four cement tiles striking it in "Downward Ridge-Hand" (which is like knife-hand, except you hit with the side of the hand that your thumb is on instead of side-hand chop) the fact that he has them stacked is important, depending on what he's stacking them on for "risers" (between the boards) …could be a trick, also type of wood

  20. Re: Jimmy Clason:- Look closer it is a knife hand.
    Personally i have never seen the appeal of downward strikes, if you are applying a technique in this direction then you have already won the fight and don't need to apply the strike.
    It's not what, in law, would be termed 'reasonable force'.

  21. 3 boards break on my channel with NO SPACERS… and I'm not an expert in any martial arts, just a former amateur powerlifter (175 lbs). Never tried more boards, but I'm pretty confident I can break 4 boards without any spacer 😉

  22. I make signs for a living. I always have pine boards laying around. I can break a stack of eight. Actually anyone can. This is just for show or fun. Make sure the grain is going toward you, Space them with pencils and break away.

  23. I do martial arts n i do that all the time. It doesnt hurt at all. All u have to do is swing your hand up n swing it back down n hit the boards hard.

  24. One problem: There are spacers between the boards. Let's do this without spacers and without wasting time! Here's how I did it.

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