How to Break an Assailant’s Fingers | Self-Defense

We are going to discuss how to break someone’s
fingers in a real self-defence scenario. In this case we need to talk about grappling. Why? Because it is very difficult to do this when
someone is punching you. We are going to specifically discuss grappling. What is meant by grabbing? If she grabs me or I’m grabbing her and she
does a technique where she looks in the mirror first, and then she would grab my pinky and
she would move it away, exactly. That would be an application. But how to do that? Let’s grab your hand and extend it as wide
as you can. As you can see the fan doesn’t go further
from that. Meaning hat if you move it a little further,
you are probably going to dislocate it or break it. The same happens with the pinky. Keep this in mind for everything you do. For example, if she grabs me and I do this
technique and I secure, what will happen when she moves, what will happen is like, I have
the fan right here and I can move it and break it very quick. Okay? It doesn’t take so much. It is just literally like one, two, that’s
it. That’s how you normally break the thumb. But of course you would not use this by itself,
you would have to prevent that person from hitting you. So, it would be like, boom, while you do this
move. In a real case scenario, she would grab me,
and I would kick her at the same time that I secure my position. Now, I am then ready to break her thumb. Again, she grabs me, boom. Kick, now I’m ready to break her thumb. But, again I can use her thumb or use her
pinky by just moving. Let’s move to this side, so you can see it. You can move it to the side. It’s very easy to break it. Again, very easy to break it. It is so easy, that even if you are in this
position again, you can use this and break it from here. You can even use your own arm just by pushing
it a little bit, you can break her thumb and take your hand away. So, just keep in mind, this is the most important
part, how your hand moves. Try a couple times to move it in that direction
and when the other person grabs you, see how that person moves and how can you break their
thumb. Okay? Imagine that the person has their hand open
and where would you go to break her thumb? In this case, this direction. It’s as easy as doing this, then take it away. Once we do that, we can see all the [inaudible
0:02:40]. For example, If I grab her from behind, in
this case she’s going to grab me. I can lower my position, lower my body and
I can grab one of the hands and make sure I can grab the pinky and I can pull it, literally
pull it away. Those are different ways you can break someone’s
fingers in a real self-defence scenario.

31 Replies to “How to Break an Assailant’s Fingers | Self-Defense

  1. This won't work, the guys grip will mean u will struggle to grab it and if u do he's not going stand there while u yank it. If ur a girl and graves by a guy u have 3 points 1. Eyes 2. Groin and 3. Ear there far better options to strike

  2. this stuff will get you killed beware internet lurkers who watch a couple videos and think there ready for street combat lol

  3. Gee, I thought this self defense for women, but he's showing us how to break her fingers. So is this self defense for men if she comes after us angrily to claw our eyes out???? 🙂

  4. Now I'll be ready the next time my Grandma tries to hug me from behind. "How's my favorite Grandson?", "NOT TODAY GRANDMA!"

  5. I actually did this instinctively when a guy came up behind me and grabbed my breasts and wouldn't let me go. It worked.

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