How to Become a Mixed Martial Artist : Judo Techniques for Mixed Martial Arts Fighting

Greetings! My name is Grand master Jean Le
Grand other wise known as the Phoenix Sensei. The name of our system is Lost Legacy System,
University of Mixed Martial Arts. We are located in Coconut Creek Florida. On behalf of Expert
Village, we are going to show you how to become a Mixed Martial Artist. Here I have Ricardo
Mexia which is one of my junior assistant instructors. He is going to break down Judo
moves for you. Okay first you want to do is hold the person by each…right here. So then
you want to get his neck and take your right foot put around him and the closer you are,
the better because the more control you have of it. You hit hip to hip. Grab the head or
you can go under his armpit. Get down low. Pick the person up. See I have leverage and
then I drop him. Okay now, I am going to show you that in real time. Okay.

28 Replies to “How to Become a Mixed Martial Artist : Judo Techniques for Mixed Martial Arts Fighting

  1. What is this, because it is not judo? This "master" has no idea what judo is about. So far the best way to get these kids get injoured.

  2. No Kuzushi. If you were going to "break down judo moves" wouldn't you start with that? This is pathetic and ridiculous.

  3. i am not much of a traditionalist, but why is the instructor wearing a do-rag?

    also, you have to stop saying you are showing a judo move, if you clearly do not know ANYTHING about judo. you are lying to people when you say you are showing a judo move. i certainly hope that you are not charging people money for what you are claiming to teach.

  4. it this is supposed to be for mma
    then why are they wearing uniforms nobody wears a jacket during a match because it can be grabbed

    also why are they letting a kid show a move?
    he clearly is just an amateur and way to young to get respect from older people in martial arts

  5. lol… so im a ps3 and pc player, so i get exactly -100% exercise per day, so i dont think (im 10) i can beat up a 7 yr old unless i do this combination:

    knee to stomach
    punch to [email protected]
    get his head down and jump on it.

  6. Hahaha they know nothing about judo. In a fight I would mess those kids up using my REAL judo and kick boxing. (i'm 13 btw). idk I just felt like posting a cocky arrogant comment. But plz stop whatever this crap is that you portray as mma.

  7. @WeLikeToKnife exactly like you said its how you use it. Sometimes boxing may win sometimes karate might win. But what im saying karate really isnt what it is on tv. It is actually real stuff that u can use to defend yourself ETC but anyways yeah i watched the video but still they both are very effective fighting styles and i think are pretty equal. Also have a good day – WeLikeToKnife

  8. @SyNFuLCreations i agree this isn't mixed martial arts. its bull shit and this guy isn't a grand master its not like he was taught like bruce lee

  9. im a two time nationalist medalist in judo and that is the first throw u learn and they dont know what they're going on about but i dont know anything about mma just thought the youtube community should know

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