How to Become a Mixed Martial Artist : How to Do a Wall Run in a Fighting Situation

Greetings! My name is Grand Master John Le
Grand otherwise known as the Phoenix Sensei. The name of our system is Lost Legacy Systems,
University of Mixed Martial Arts. We are located in Coconut Creek, Florida. On behalf of Expert
Village, we are going to show you how to become a Mixed Martial Artist. I am going to demonstrate
wall running and application; using wall running take down and a kick. Wall running could be
used for a lot of purposes. In tactical situations, it’s not the best choice but it could be
used for extreme situations when things out of the ordinary are necessary. The idea behind it is to get yourself sideways
to keep moving and not stop. Just like when a motorcycle goes upside down and around in
circles, you can create the same kind of motion.

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  1. get yourself sideways to keep moving and not stop…then something like a motorcycle going upside down . Ok thanks for breaking down the biomechanics for me.

  2. @Mijumaru500
    You sir just derped.
    The octagon is an mma tournament.(Key word, tournament.)
    MMA is just a collaboration of different techniques/styles of martial arts. (Which was first recognised by Bruce Lee.)

  3. pfft i do that with my backpack on walking out of school just so i can get over the bike rack.
    what you do is take your momentum and use it as gravity. you have to be skinny and nimble for the best results. but you need a good entry and a good exit.
    you have to take at least two steps, and then the next step which kicks you off.


  5. if i had a dollar for every pixle in this video,i'd have more money than all the''if i had a dollar'' comments

  6. @MrCornToast

    I don't know maybe if you're barefoot and there is a bunch of glass on the ground XD He did mention somethin about it NOT being the best choice but maybe in extreme situations . . maybe there is a gap and a railing and doing that can get ya high enough to grab ontop the top of the railing and getover quickly rather than jumping and maybe catching only halfway . .how often does anyone who watches these vids actually encounter a situation to use anything XD

  7. Expertvillage,

    when you fill a village full of experts its becomes just like any other village making videos.

    only worse.

  8. whn will u ever have to use ths , I mean what situation is so out of the ordinary tht you have to run on a wall seriously

  9. This is an extreamly useful technique in out of the ordinary situations. All hail Grandmaster Sensei Phenoix, derpa derp derp derp

  10. I bet you that if a gang were to surround this guy, he would try to wall run his way out and fail miserabley.

  11. Wow, according to his website his teacher wasn't just a sensei, he was a grand master professer o-sensei Dr. who has learned (apparently) nearly every system known to man! That MUST be better! I bet he's a 25th degree black belt too! in 18 martial arts!

    Or he bought a belt at a garage sale and threw it in the wash a thousand times so it would look old and opened a school with a website to sucker people. Why I would think that I have no idea…

  12. And people said wall running in martial arts movies was solely done with wires. IT CAN BE DONE, good people.

    It can be done

  13. I can run four steps in plain walls and 5+ on corner walks.
    For the keyboard warriors out there: there's an actual array of TAKEDOWNS to be applied while wallrunning if your opponent is close enough to the walls so your arm can reach him. Not only they are visually spectacular (movie-like stuff) as some of them can break your opponent's neck like a twig. You can even get a free rear naked choke sometimes.
    The worst you can get by trying the most simple ones is falling in a clinch.
    Of course you can't apply that into a MMA octagon since your toes would get stuck in the cage, but as far as I know none of you live your entire lives inside an octagon, do you?

  14. try runing on a wall that has a corner keep doing it and then you can run in the wall so that will get you started like run straight jump to left if corner is in left or right if corner is right run jump run over the corner and then you might fall but t has to be a gentle/soft landing. have fun

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    team of medics will take over this criminals that think because they under age they can kill with stupid bullying in schools do

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