How to Be a Shaolin Kung Fu Master : Shaolin Kung Fu Boxing

Okay, so after all those basic rolls and flips,
now we know how to do Forms. Basically a Form is a combination of the hands, legs, eyes,
body and movements. Basically, practicing the Forms enables us to get a better posture
and it gives us a better reflexing in the case that we needed for attack and defense.
The first one that I’m going to show you is called the Shaolin Continuous Boxing. It’s
one of the basic forms of Shaolin. Basically it’s pretty easy. So every single form afterwards,
it builds from there.

6 Replies to “How to Be a Shaolin Kung Fu Master : Shaolin Kung Fu Boxing

  1. u can tell how physically good a martial artist is by watching their forms, he was balanced and had good concentration, it was an overall good form. Hes pretty good, but too young to be a master although he never says he is, it is expert village that named the video, keep that in mind. I think expert village needs to stop trying to teach martial arts over the internet all their videos are crap, try not to blame the martial artists, even though they shouldnt help make the videos

  2. @Misha607552 We dont care! No you wont get killed in mma if we do this is against the rules if you do MMA outside the ring Youll be killed so leave us alone already!!

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