How to Be a Shaolin Kung Fu Master : Running & Shaolin Martial Arts

Afterwards we run. So every morning we run
around the mountains or like a 1/2 hour. Running around the mountain. I mean from the top to
the bottom we have to crawl down to the temple. So crawling is like getting in a push up position
and you crawl from top to bottom from the mountain all the way probably around 1/2 hour.
So running up on the mountain basically shows our dedications, it trains us to overcome
our fear. On average it takes people 2 hours to walk to the bottom of the temple to the
top that we run up every morning. But for use running up there only takes 20 minutes
and crawling time take maybe about 30 minutes. Running up there basically builds the strength
in our legs and give us the endurance. Crawling down there from the top of the mountain to
the bottom builds up our strength in our whole body which gives us a stronger mind, body,
and spiritual training.

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