How Nate Diaz Got Inside Conor McGregor’s Head

Conor McGregor looked unstoppable. He beat everyone he fought handily, predicted
many of his victories with surprising accuracy, and had unshakable confidence, but it always
didn’t go as planned. The question is how has that lost impacted
Conor’s legendary confidence? He’s unlikely to share candidly, but if you
know what to look for, you can see cracks in that confidence and, hopefully, by the
end of this video, you’ll have a better idea of how to quickly read anyone in your life,
so that you’ll know what they’re really feeling and not just what they’re saying. So let’s begin with Conor. First off, he used to talk trash about anything
and everything. Check out how he turned random situations
into disses against Nate. In the real world, trash talking doesn’t always
signal confidence, but in the fight game, it’s necessary to sell tickets. The fact that Conor was so comfortable when
talking smack and that he did it every opportunity about whatever he could, was a strong indicator
that he felt that confident. He was even able to stay detached and would
laugh in people’s faces when they tried to face him. You can see he’s almost always able to get a rise
out of his opponent without being flustered himself. But that wasn’t the only indicator of his
confidence. Another tell was how he would gesticulate. Just check out here how he is with his hands
in the first press conference for the initial Nate Diaz fight. Not only was he animated in his gesticulations
like you saw there, but he seemed to have total physical control of the space around
him. Even going so far as to kick up his feet and
then snatch Jose Aldo’s belt from him during a press conference. The way people inhabit the space around them
is a great indicator of how dominant they feel. Just think of how you act in your own home
versus your new friends. When you feel that things belong to you, you’re
more likely to kick your feet up, to be loud, to take up lots of space, but when you feel
as if you’re in someone else’s territory, you’re more likely to be respectful and deferential,
and unimposing in how you treat the objects around you. Conor appeared to feel like he owned every
single press conference, but what was most miraculous about Conor was his predictions. First off, they were full of vivid imagery. He could paint a scene in your head and people
would talk about what he’d said for weeks. Those images became a keynote of his style
and his supreme confidence. Now, obviously, taking someone’s head off
and eating their carcass is an exaggeration, but Conor would also get extremely specific
and realistic predictions, and he’d often get them dead on. Perhaps, his best was in the Jose Aldo fight. This specificity made it seem like Conor could
literally see the future, like he was able to visualize something and make it happen
at will. Visualizing, which we talked about in the
last Conor video gave him a level of certainty that no fighter seemed able to match. Check it out in Conor’s own words. A lot of times people believe in certain things
but they keep to themselves. They don’t put it out there. If you truly believe in it, if you become
vocal with it, you are creating that law of attraction and it will become reality. And that was, perhaps, Conor’s biggest confidence
advantage. He could see those victories in vivid detail
beforehand, and then, he spoke about those victories with absolute conviction. Because of that level of certainty, Conor
never felt like he had to prepare for specific opponents. He didn’t seemed to need to. Here’s what he said about fighting Nate Diaz
on short notice. So you can see there, leading up to the Diaz
fight, it was business as usual for Conor. He looks supremely confident. He could see his victory in his head and he
felt like the fight was in the bag. All that he needed to do was hype the fight,
because in his head, winning was a done deal, and then, it wasn’t. Conor’s bravado has changed quite a bit since
he lost to Nate. And if you know what to look for, there are
tells that indicate he’s not feeling quite as confident as he used to. So let’s compare before and after. First off, the new Conor’s trash talk is far
more vague with hardly any imagery. Secondly, Conor is much more subdued when
he makes his proclamations, with no big gesticulations and no laughing like he used to. Most interesting, though, is that Conor’s
predictions lack the clarity and the specificity of his previous ones. The way people speak usually gives a good
indication of the way that those people are thinking. And for Conor, this low detailed descriptions
of his KOs indicate to me that he doesn’t have as specific an image of victory as he
used to. He may still think that he’ll win, but he
has definitely shied away from sharing his visualizations and those were the ones that
gave him such conviction, the ones that puts fear into his opponent’s heart. He can’t help but show that he has lost a
bit of conviction. It comes through in all of us. It comes through in the way that we speak,
in the way that we move. And we can try to hide it but we wear our
feelings for anyone with a keen eye to see, but that is not the whole story because the
lack of predictions, gesticulations, imagery, enthusiasm doesn’t always indicate a lack
of confidence. I want to throw in one more wrinkle to this
video. Let’s look at Nate Diaz’s pre-fight interviews. His predictions were non-existent. Nate also didn’t seem to have any come backs
for Conor. He would just swear and say, “Yeah, right,”
whenever Conor dissed him. He didn’t seem to have strong eye contact
either, which most people would read as a lack of conviction. And when he spoke about how the fight would
go down, he left open the possibility that he would lose. Just check it out. So, should you take this to mean that Nate
has even lower confidence than Conor? NO. The point of this video is that yes, you can use
these tells to gauge someone’s confidence, but you cannot view those tells in a vacuum. You must get a baseline to compare to. After all, some people bite their nails all
the time, not only when they’re nervous. Some people look angry all the time even when
they’re not. So when reading anyone’s body language, you
must look at what is changing in them. In Conor’s case, we saw what his confident
baseline looked like. He was loud, brash, specific, and domineering,
and what we’re seeing now is not that. From fight to fight, it’s pretty clear that
his confidence isn’t where it used to be, but for the most accurate read of anyone’s
mental state, you need to see how things shift in a shorter period of time. After all, Conor could have just been tired
in the most recent press conferences, so we need to see how his body language and tonality
shift in a single interaction. The only thing that we’re looking for is how
he changes when the topic changes. Luckily, we have that. Watch in this clip how Conor speaks much more
animatedly and with much more conviction when talking about defending his featherweight
belt than when talking about his next fight with Nate. Watch particularly how Conor’s voice speeds
up and how he starts nodding, and how he hesitates much less when speaking about the featherweight
division. Did you hear how Conor’s voice sped up and
how his enthusiasm swelled, and how he seemed to be much more specific and full of adjectives
when talking about the featherweight division, and how that all slowed down, how hesitation
crept in, and he got more vague when speaking about Nate. That is how you know that the conviction level
is not the same for those two statements. Conor doesn’t have the bulletproof confidence
that he used to, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t win. Confidence and competence are not the same
thing. The winner of this next fight will be determined
by a lot of things outside the scope of this analysis. Whoever wins, though, it’s going to be very
interesting to see how each fighter’s confidence responds. If you, personally, are interested in something
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please go ahead, write those in the comments. I have very much enjoyed doing this video
on Conor. There are actually other ones that I want
to do on the way that he interacts with people because I think he is quite charismatic in
that, even though his confidence seems to have shifted a bit. So, whoever you’re rooting for, I hope that
you’ve enjoyed this video and I look forward to seeing you in the next one.

100 Replies to “How Nate Diaz Got Inside Conor McGregor’s Head

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