How much do Martial Arts Classes Cost? – Fred Mergen

One of the main questions I get is, what are
the prices and fees in the martial arts school. It all depends, a lot of schools charge different
prices, you want to make sure you know what you’re getting for the price. If it’s a month
to month or do they lock you into a contract? Do you just get to do one class a week, do
you get to do two classes do you get unlimited classes? Do they offer classes everyday? Those are some things you want to balance
out and see if it’s worth what you’re paying monthly. Also, see if they have a registration fee.
If they have a registration fee, that’s a bad sign. That means they are registering….for
what? Make sure you find a school with no registration fee. Most school do charge belt fees these days
and I totally understand that, but make sure it’s a school that can offer you different
programs that are going to suit your needs. Here in my school, we offer month to month.
We offer three, six and 12 month contracts. It all depends on what you want to work with.
A school that is confident about their program, will offer that. Also see if they offer a free trial. Here
at my school we offer a free week to see if it’s something that you want to do and then
you can decide from there. We do charge belt fees but for the belt you you get a belt and
we throw a party. So you always want to average out what you’re
paying for and what you’re getting. Also keep in mind that when you are looking
at karate schools some schools are going to charge you for uniforms, for gear and that’s
always extra. Some people who include that in their sign ups will call that a registration
fee and will charge you three times what it’s worth. Remember again, beware of registration
frees and if you do pay a registration fee, what are you getting for it. And again they are going to charge extra for
uniforms and for gear and that’s understandable. Just remember, the one thing you have to remember
is you get what you pay for. If you some someone who’s really cheap that is probably what you’re
going to get.

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  1. Could you do a video about teaching kids who get upset easily or are extremely nervous? And/or a video about teaching kids with special needs?

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