How many fighting styles does Solid Snake know in Metal Gear Solid?

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  1. People used to call me plasma snake because of my versatility and diversity of fighting styles and adaptability in any environment like plasma the 4th state of matter

  2. Fun fact the palm strike is also seen in Baguazhang one of the many forms of Kung fu and is the style that inspired the airbending techniques in avatar the last airbender

  3. I usually don't mind a few spoilers in videos that aren't directly about a game's story because they are often minor or irrelevant but wow, you dropped the biggest bombshell from MGSV within a minute or so of saying "spoilers." So glad I finished it about a week before I watched this. Nice video though lol

  4. Nice breakdown of the various styles that are known for various "signature" techniques that Snake shows in the games. I also like that you put in the disclaimer that, while certain styles are known for certain techniques, the techniques themselves are not exclusive to a given style.

    I'm a 2nd degree black belt in Isshin-ryu karate and, aside from the knife work and complex kicks, nearly every fighting technique Snake demonstrates is found somewhere in karate (though with slightly different methods of execution). I highly recommend looking up Mark Radunz, Arsenio James Advicula, Sherman Harrill, and YouTube Channel Karate Culture to see what I mean.

    Please note: I am not saying karate is the best fighting style in the world. Rather, I'm just trying to push the notion that fighting is fighting and, since the human body only moves in so many ways, what determines a style of martial art is a mix of chosen emphasis and the mentality of the practitioner.

  5. Nicely done, as Solid Snake's among my favorite heroes.

    Next, can you do how many fighting styles does Sam Fisher know?

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  7. I frequently wonder if there are any real-world equivalents to Snake, and just how much training it would take to get even near his level.

  8. As legendary as Solid Snake is, he's still underrated. That's how great he is. This is the longest video and that's awesome.

    But how good is Liquid?? How many styles does he know? Same amount? Less?

  9. As a martial artist of American Karate, a lot of these names just completely make my prior knowledge be freaking out. Like for us, we don't call any kick which is like a side kick but missing the kick and swinging it to the side is called a swing kick for us. We do have hook kicks, but they are for more close range encounters when a front kick (push kick) is going to be highly effective. And as somebody who has thrown and taken many backfists, yeah I see why Snake uses them. They can actually break your jaw quite effectively if used properly. Also Knife hands are pretty good. They cut off blood to the brain for a split second, which causes the opponent to be distorted. Same with Ridge Hand. I also am currently working in boxing and Brazilian Jujustsu, and you've gotten that down. Other than that the uppercut does appear in American Karate as a very useful punch when you either don't have enough room for your feet, or you just want to throw a punch. The palm strikes are called palm heels, and yeah, they are quite useful. Sorry to rant, but just saying.

  10. One of Snake's most important skills is Johnnyjutsu, the art of dealing with generations of unfortunate prison guards with stomach problems

  11. I always got the impression that cqc is heavily based on Krav Maga- which is a judo hybrid used in the Israeli military. Particularly in the Phantom Pain, things like the disarms are heavily reminiscent of KM.

  12. IMO MGSV has the best animations for the CQC. The knife counter throw that activates when you attack as a soldier is about to stab you is really nice. Venom disarms the soldier, then throws them on the ground via basically tripping them and shoving their head to the ground. Too bad they removed the roundhouse there.

  13. Now Godzillarex, you brought back an old memory, bro. I remember always qualifying as Marksman during my 11 years in the Army National Guard. I qualified as Sharpshooter before I left the service.

  14. snake would have beaten about 5(approx.) metal gears if you include the Metal Gear RAY during mgs 2 and that's only counting for solid snake. Naked Snake has defeated the Shagohod and other nuclear related machinery. but raiden however, even without his new cyborg body, he already defeated 3 on his own in MGS 2 in that final fight

  15. Wait so you're telling me Iroquois Pliskin was Solid Snake all along? Bullshit. Snake died years ago in the tanker incident

  16. I think he might be in tekken next year. In evo they posted a call with snake saying thats some good ass tekken.

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