How Many Black Belts Does Steven Seagal Really Have?

Steven Seagal is a great many things: Actor,
blues musician, a reportedly difficult coworker, possibly useless in an actual fight. However, back in the days when he was more
famous than infamous, he was known as a martial artist. Although Seagal has been known to spin the
occasional tall tale about his abilities and role in training assorted famous fighters,
his status as a dude who is very good at aikido is rarely disputed. Should his claims of aikido royalty be taken
at face value, though? Whatever your opinion of Steven Seagal may
otherwise be, his black belts are very real. Yes, that’s “belts” in plural: Though Seagal
is mainly known for his aikido wizardry, he’s also the proud owner of black belts in karate,
kendo, and judo. Seagal has been heavily into martial arts
since he was a small child, and he moved to Japan when he was 17 to “study Zen” and hone
his martial arts skills. He ended up spending around 15 years in Asia
doing all sorts of Steven Seagal things, such as “studying Eastern philosophy” and working
as a martial arts choreographer. As chuckle-worthy and/or worrisome as Steven
Seagal’s antics might be these days, if you ask his old aikido cohort Haruo Matsuoka,
Seagal is, or at least used to be, the real deal. According to Black Belt Mag, Matsuoka was
one of Sensei Seagal’s favorite students in the 1970s, and Seagal even recruited him as
his uke – the guy all those aikido moves are demonstrated on – when he set out to conquer
Hollywood. Matsuoka and the article both make Seagal’s
brand of aikido seem like a fairly ruthless, brutal and street-ready affair that drew heavy
influence from Japanese swordsmanship. Apparently, Seagal held great influence within
aikido circles and was on great terms with at least some of the higher-ups. Matsuoka even points out that aikido had an
extremely hard time in the west, until Seagal’s 1988 breakthrough movie Above The Law caused
the art’s popularity to explode virtually overnight. On the other hand, Matsuoka points out that
Seagal’s newfangled famous-person ways ultimately estranged the two, and caused them to fall
out in 1997. Fittingly, that’s around the era that Seagal
started moving from box office successes like Under Siege to direct-to-video fare like The
Patriot. Steven Seagal may be an aikido master, but
his reported judo prowess might be a bit less impressive. At least, if you believe the story of his
altercation with a man nicknamed “Judo.” Gene “Judo” LeBell, a bona fide martial arts
legend, apparently taught Seagal some humility while serving as the fight choreographer for
the Seagal vehicle Out For Justice. When Seagal boasted that he simply couldn’t
be choked out, LeBell happily took up the challenge. As a result of this very brief altercation,
Seagal passed out so hard that he, well, evacuated his bowels. In front of about thirty stuntmen and crew
members, if you believe LeBell. “Oh, how the mighty have fallen.” To be entirely fair, LeBell is perfectly cordial
about the incident and says he respects Seagal as a martial artist, though he points out
that the aikido master would do well if he abstained from speaking in potential foot-in-mouth
situations. It should also be noted that LeBell has been
known to tell a tale or two in his time, and Seagal himself vehemently denies this ever
happened. Still, one would probably be forgiven for
not betting on Seagal in a judo match. “Who are you? Are you like some special forces guy or something?” “I’m just a cook.” “A cook?” Karate might not be the first martial art
you associate with Steven Seagal, but it turns out he started his studies as a karate kid. That’s not clever wordplay, either: He actually
studied under Fumio Demura, a man who also trained Pat Morita, who played Mr. Miyagi
in The Karate Kid movies and brought a lot of Demura to the role. According to the Daily Beast, Demura has played
a part inspiring legends such as Dolph Lundgren and Chuck Norris. He even worked with Bruce Lee, who he briefly
tutored on the use of nunchaku. Seagal is happy to sing his old master’s praises: “Demura sensei’s the real thing.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Grunge videos about your favorite
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100 Replies to “How Many Black Belts Does Steven Seagal Really Have?

  1. hes got at least 1 XXXL black-belt that his local tent and awning shop fabricated for him while he's currently developing a new martial-arts technique where you just sit on your opponent while consuming stacks of pancakes with a 5-gallon bucket of butter and siphoning syrup from a garden-hose….all while sniffing oriental insense and fat-boy farting.

  2. Anybody can buy black belts and say they're a martial arts expert. I've never in my life seen a martial arts expert who has never thrown a kick, ever. I can wildly swing my hands around too. I guess I'm a expert in the arts..

  3. More than he deserves!!! The average person can probably Whoop him with a WET NOODLE! Got fat and slow! LOL

  4. Unfortantely he didn't learn anything about respect and humility, so I don't know if he is that great of a martial artist, even if he knows the techinques and skills.

  5. Umm what about that human trafficking scandal that he and his wife were accused of? Sorry it was a rape and abuse scandal not human trafficking

  6. He may have been good in his day but now he is so fat & ungainly I would doubt he can get out of his chair.

  7. I don't give a rat's ass what martial artists do or are. They ain't got a chance against my .45. Ever. When they see it, it'll be too late.

  8. NZ Maori girl says haere mai πŸ’‹πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‹,,,,,I Still Personally Think He's Handsome πŸ˜‘πŸ’ͺ regardless of you may Think πŸ™ƒπŸ€—πŸ’•πŸ˜˜

  9. But…did he work for the CIA? Years ago on David Letterman, Steven was asked if it were true he once worked for the CIA. Seagall didn't deny it but refused to discuss what he did.

  10. Seagall is 6'5" and 280 lbs. I think he is just a big enough dude that he has gotten away with it all these years.

  11. Why is it that the only time people talk about someone is when they are no longer in the limelight to rebut it?

  12. This all maybe true ,but theres always been something about this guy that just isnt right to me, but im sure he has to tie 3 or 4 of those belts together to hold his britches up 😁

  13. I know him personally and the people who comment about him who never met him who wouldn't be able to stand up to him and say that to him are as guilty as themselves

  14. He's a stiff, literally no flexibility. I don't think he's ever bent over much less stretched. And any time he's don't any kick it's only like knee high. He stands there waiting and flinging his arms, throwing, shoving, pushing, grabbing, twisting making that unbelievably fierce look on his face. I know nothing about Bullshido, so I guess I should just zip it.

  15. I believe Joe Rogan said it "He's Legitimate, but Akido (or however you spell it) when going up against a skilled wrestler or Mixed Martial Artist he wouldn't last long."
    But I'd say against most of you mouth breathers who don't know shit would still get your ads kicked.

  16. Elvis Presley had a black belt in Karate. Did you ever watch him do is routine? Elvis was Soooooo horrible it wasn't funny. Elvis's personal trainer ( Mike Stone I believe) went on to have an affair with Priscilla Presley. Elvis had zero skills at Karate, yet he managed to "somehow" achieve Black belt status. He bought it and had a room full of people telling him how great he was…….

  17. The Steven Seagul stunt team however, those are some veterans to the highest order. Having to portray a 330 lb man in full contact combat. Sometimes with flips. That's worth any dojo black belt

  18. people like different kinds of movies.. if you like movies with fight scenes, its not hard to enjoy the brutal and detailed takedowns he likes to film

  19. The anwser : 7 times!!!!
    He is a great master 7 th dan , it is very high digree 35-40 years workπŸ™πŸ₯‹

  20. He was a decent actor back in the late 1980 to the 1990s. But almost every movie after Exit Wounds (his last great movie) has been complete and utter rubbish. Attack Force is his worst.

  21. Aikido doesn't require actual combat experience to earn a black belt. It's most effective against willing participants that slowly walk up and grab you by the wrist.

  22. Who cares? He always plays the same type of role: an egotistical, bad-ass 'hero' who wins no matter what the odds. If you've seen one of his films, you've seen enough!

  23. ? Steven Seagal may or may not can whoop ass!I say if in doubt about his ability,before you open your shit filled mouth go to him and pick a fight.I am 100 percent sure he can and would erase any doubt you may have in his skill in Aikido to kick your ASS.And as a Bonus leave you with an injury that will remind you for the rest of your wanna be ass that ….Yes he can kick ass.Dumb ass'es step into a Ryu or Ten Shin Aikido Dojo and learn something.

  24. He has 2 black belts both are size 4X . He's a Kung food master and created shi-shka-bab style. He's a buffet killer . Lock your refrigerator only salad bars are safe .

  25. My friend dated a guy in Boston who used to be super friends with Seagal. The 3 of them would go out together often. She told me he is a super nice guy but lives a very classy life and does not hide it. I understand it is hard to be humble when everyone 30 and older knows his face…. But she mentioned how he would make it clear who he is. This happened like over 10 years ago.

  26. Steven Seagal is a LEGIT 7th degree black belt, and there was a time when he was king of the 80s and 90s action film box office, with several films going to No. 1…

    So stop talking shit, and give the man some respect πŸ’•πŸ’•

  27. How many Black Belts Does Steven have? Probably not that many cause I dont think they got his size now that he weighs 265lbs.?

  28. He’s a propped up phoney CULT member nothing more nothing less
    So many entertainers are NWO fakes

  29. Steven Seagal……WTF happened to you??????????
    You were such a hot, handsome and athletic action star of the late 80s and early 90s, now you have gotten horribly obese and now you're a big horrible joke to everyone. Even South Park has made fun of you Steven.

    It appears time has not been kind to Steven Seagal.

  30. I don't personally like Seagal as a person, but as a action star, he's great. He pretty much always plays a one man army. That's a character I love to watch. I've seen about 95% of his movies, and I would say, at least 80% are good, and he has few that aren't worth your time, like most stars.

    Just because he's overweight, doesn't make him someone you shouldn't be afraid of in a fight. I know many big guys, that are fast, and will knock you out.

    You also have to keep in mind, that he's 67 years old now, and it's impressive what he can still do, at that age.

  31. He has 2 black belts,his suspenders…and he’s full of BS,been caught lying about Bruce Lee among many other whoppers he’s spewed out that pie hole of his πŸ˜†

  32. Well first incorrect item was saying he has a black belt in Kendo. Kendo don’t have belts to signify grades. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

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