how does no touch technique works in Aikido

toilet brush experiment the theory of no touch aikido he grabbed me and I take him down he grabbed me and I shift his power then I use “atemi”(attack) this is first step after this I do without touching after this you may understand you better escape if I get in the position you should escape before it’s done can you do the same without me grabbing? for example when I punch like this if I didn’t grab your arm you can’t pull me down it’s not important to be grabbed if I get in the position it means it’s ended if you try few more time you have to understand that It will be too late if you stay there for me it’s difficult to understand I don’t practice with you so it’s hard to understand how no-touch technique works if I don’t move probably you use “atemi” I want to know how it works in real it happens because I escaped I don’t think it happens ordinary I’m just telling everyone that I will hit them if they stay I woul’d like to try toilet brush experiment may be it’s easier for you to understand no touch technique because you are not afraid to get hit one more time beginner’s can’t show there aggression with out attacking so I tell them to show by move first step is raise your hand and show it but most of them can’t even show it they are too kind to attack people “bu-jitsu” is not suitable for such person The toilet brush experiment looks like a joke but what if the toilet brush was a weapon? there is no one staying there when the opponent has swung over the weapon there is no guarantee that the opponent has nothing hidden in their hands so, in Aikido, we escape to avoid the opponent’s attack This completes the no-touch technique

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