Head Academy Kung Fu Adults Martial Arts Classes

how long has it been since you enjoyed
exercising and felt a total mind-body connection while doing it do you want a form of exercise will you will ways be learning new things and challenging yourself are you looking for a kickass self
defense well at Head Academy Kung Fu
specialize in teaching adults martial art classes and we train kung fu simply because it’s
fun and while we’re having fun we’re getting fitter, faster, more flexible, more
focused, more disciplined and healthier all in a friendly ego free environment where
everyone is welcome head academy kung fu upholds the
traditional values of the chinese martial arts we teach the art of Jow Gar Kung Fu which can trace its origins back to the Shaolin temple handed down from teacher student through
five generations we train kung fu as a discipline
that brings total body health which cannot be found in any other form of
exercise or martial art class more importantly Jow Gar kung fu is a
skill and these skills of what sets it apart
from any other form of training even other martial arts it is the original form
of functional exercise. Getting fitter and more healthy is a by-product of the
training at Head Academy Kung Fu the skills that you learn with us will
flow on into all areas of your life you will be less stressed, calmer, more confident and you have a more positive outlook even after just one class we want you to experience these feelings
and these benefits for yourself to book in for a free introductory class
go to the contact us pages and fill in your details will call you as soon as possible to
schedule that first class for you head on over to the contact us page now
fill in your details and will get back to you and we look forward to meeting you at one of our Martial Art Schools really soon.

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