(HD) No Retreat No Surrender – Van Damme 1986 🥋💪🐯👊

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  1. this is without a doubt the corniest karate flick next to the karate kid. lol, i can't stop laughing at the dime-store scripts/roles. =D at least van damme was in it.

  2. My parents bought this movie for me on vhs when we went to Sav.on Pharmacy back in the 90s when I was a kid can’t believe this is on YouTube

  3. Cheesy as fuck. But still o like it better than most of the movies out there. Everything we see now is cgi fake. This too is fake but more real. I love the 80s acting.

  4. I still have this on VHS. However, the voice for Bruce Lee is different and the entire soundtrack is different. What happened to that awesome song “Stand on your own, no retreat no surrender.” That song is like the Rocky songs and is an instant pump up song.

  5. 1:31:16 Jason does the best martial arts rope escape Kung fu kick in the universe and the crowd clap like he did a front punch 🤛. Even the crowd can’t act… now that’s low budget.

  6. everyone I met from the Pacific Northwest the 30 years I lived and trained with everyone that did Jut Keen Do or teacher we're all drunks or crackheads

  7. "You're good"…"I get better". Lol i only heard about this movie from friends & didn't realize it was part comedy, part fantasy.

  8. I have to admit despite the poor acting and having very low expectations, I find this movie so inspiring that I found myself watching this movie over and over again

  9. This movie made me crazy in childhood,I very liked it .It is very interesting to see it many years ago with new eyes .Im from Russia and this is Ivan is funny stereotype

  10. These movies are trying send the average naive person a very good message:
    Seattle is already yours…they will lose….(L.O.L)
    The mafia controls all the main tournaments around the world including the FIFA World Cup.

  11. The Russian is so insulted by being called ''Russian"! I wonder why it's such an affront to him??!

  12. One of my favourite films still come back to it about every two years to watch it's got that vibe about never giving up keep strong and standing up for what you believe in inspiration all the way and thanks Bruce ha ha

  13. Van dame was ahead of his time, even though I knew Cory Yuen’s intention. It just didn’t play right for all of the actors beside van dam who at that time manage to stand out

  14. I never realized how bad the acting is. When I was kid I was just happy they had a character named RJ.

  15. I looked this up at 1.30am because it randomly came into my head after 25 years. Clicked on it for a second to see how badly its aged. Now it's 3am and I've watched all of it!

  16. This movie makes more sense if you imagine Jason got into a car accident after the party and the rest is just a hallucination. But seriously, I loved this movie as a kid and it’s one of the first to get me into martial arts. Even though it makes no logical sense in any aspect.

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