Hapkido Bo Staff Martial Arts Weapon : Staff to Staff Fighting Techniques

On behalf of Expert Village, my name is Master
Dave Herbert with the World Martial Art Center in New York City. I’ll be demonstrating some
hapkido staff techniques. Now, we have a situation where we have staff versus staff. So I have
range but he also has range. The opponent attempts to do a downwards strike. Once again,
I move off the line of attack. I strike the groin area in the groin. As I slide forward,
I cover the hand, his hand and his staff, locking him and his weapon. I bring him forward
onto his stomach. Here I have a double weapon pin. Now in real time as the opponent attacks.
And here a double weapon pin.

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  1. This is all great but who is going to just stand there and let you grab their hand. It's a good idea, but I'm just saying you have to be pretty darn fast and fluent to pull that move off in a fight, in a bo staff fight no less. It's not everyday that you don't get into a staff fight against an assailant also wielding a staff. I understand this is just a technique tutorial but I don't think I would use that move on one of my friends even while practicing. Only to impress the ladies.

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