GUNTALK S5: Self-Defense Training Tips, Pt 2

– [Voiceover] Gun Talk
is brought to you by: Springfield Armory, Crimson Trace, and SIG SAUER. (rock music) (gunshot) (gunshot) – CQB, or Close Quarters
Battle, is all the craze today. So I want to show you
a tip for learning a little something about firing in a close quarters
battle position. I’m gonna give you
the steps to take it, so that you’re not starting
right from the holster, and maybe doing something
a little dangerous, or at risk of shooting elbows, or maybe your support hand, so I’m gonna show you how
I would do this drill. So for firing at close
quarters position like this, if I want to get started at
it, and do it in a safe way, I’m gonna start with the
gun out of the holster. And I’m not loaded just
yet, but I’m gonna start with the gun out of my holster, at kind of a close quarters
retention position, or a rib index. You can call it a rib
index because I can feel my lower ribs when
I fire from here. So from here, I can fire rounds. Then once I get comfortable
with that position, and what that feels
like, then what I can do is I can take it
from the holster. Now I really have
to be conscious of what I’m doing
with the support hand. So I don’t want to have
this hand down here, ’cause I don’t want to be
at risk of shooting it, and I want to make
sure that I don’t have this elbow out here either, where I’m maybe at
risk of nipping it. So keeping it
tight into my body, I’m gonna keep it
tight to my body, draw, present, and
fire right from here. Now, people tend to have
an aversion to this drill, because the muzzle
blast is right here, near their face, plus they’re
really close to the target. So this is a great way to
become a little more comfortable with the ideas of
close quarters battle, and close quarters firing. I’m gonna load and make
ready, let’s do this. (gun clicks) So, with my rib index,
I’m set up on the target, I’ve got my hand in the
defensive position here. I watch, I can see where
my muzzle is oriented, and I’m gonna engage
with two rounds. (gun fires twice) (gun fires twice, slowly) Great. Look at those shots. Great shot placement,
exactly where I want to be. Anywhere down in that pelvic
girdle is a good place. Do it again. (gun fires twice) Couple more shots. After I’ve done this
for a little bit, and I’ve gotten
comfortable with it, I’m gonna take the gun, and I’m gonna go
back to the holster. Making sure nothing’s
caught in my trigger guard, making sure no cover
garments are caught in my trigger
guard, and I’m set. So from here I’m
gonna stage my arm in defensive position,
and on my own command of threat, I’m gonna draw,
clear my cover garment, bring that pistol out,
and I’m gonna engage. (gun fires twice) (gun shot) (gun shot) Here’s another way we
can advance this drill. I’m gonna create
distance after I fire, ’cause once I shoot this
bad guy away from me, I want to create distance
and I want to get two hands on the gun as soon as possible. In my opinion, anything less
than two-hand sided fire, you’re compromising. So as soon as I can get
two hands on the gun, I’m going for it. So here’s how it’ll look. I draw. Gun comes
out. Rib index. (two gunshots) Create distance. Now if I needed to I’d
follow him to the ground. Or, I could come up to the head, (gunshot) and take that head shot
or center chest shot. (deep sigh) Breathe,
relax, and work my way back to the holster. So that’s close quarters
battle shooting, and that’s a way you
could do it on your range, or you could do it
on any outdoor range where you can get that
close to the target, and have a little bit of leeway to move forward and rearward. (gunshot) (dramatic music) (gunshots) – All right, now we’re gonna get outside of some of
ya’ll’s comfort zones. If you’re suffering from
that dun-lopped disease, you know, where your belly’s
done lopped over your belt, this may be a little bit
more difficult for ya. I’m gonna use a 20-pound sandbag to make it a little
bit more difficult. You can use heavier ones,
you can do it without. Basically, we’re shooting
from a supine position now. If you’ve been
grounded in a gunfight, in an altercation,
and you have to shoot from a seated position,
you can incorporate two-handed shooting, you
can incorporate strong hand, you can incorporate
support hand, you can do all of it
based on how comfortable you are with this drill. Let’s go ahead and give it a go. (gun clicks) I’m gonna go ahead and set
the pistol on the ground, that way I can move
between support hand and strong hand. Grab my sandbag. Sit up. (gunshot) Grab my sandbag. Sit up. (gunshot) (bullet hitting metal) (gunshot) (dramatic rock music) (gunshot) (gunshot) (gunshot) All right. So those
are the sit-up drills. Put your gun on the
ground, that way you can go from the
two-handed, support hand, strong hand only. If you’re going from
your holster make sure you don’t muzzle sweep your leg. Get yourself a
little ab workout, start getting back in shape,
get that heart rate up, get that breath rate up, and make sure you
stay on target. (gunshot)

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  1. Just remember to cant the pistol away from your ribs when you shoot up close so your slide doesn't jam up in your shirt, and so you Lefty's can get the brass out when it cycles.

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