Gracie Brazilian Jujitsu Moves : Kimura Shoulder Lock Jujitsu Technique

Hello! My name is Marc Zee. I’m from Arizona
Center of mixed martial arts. I’m here on behalf of I’m here to
demonstrate the kimura. The kimura is a shoulder lock used in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Go ahead
guys. Okay, the guy in the bottom is utilizing what
is called the guard. The guard is a position that the bottom person can attack. He can
utilize a various number of submissions, such as arm bars, chokes and kimuras. Today what
we’re going to demonstrate is a kimura, a shoulder lock. The guy at the bottom for
some reason plants his hand on the mat or someplace where he can grab onto his wrist.
The bottom guy then reaches around the elbow, the outside of the elbow, grabs his own wrist,
bends the elbow to a 90 degree angle, and brings it behind his back. One more time.
The guy on top plants his hand, he grabs the wrist, he reaches around the elbow, grabs
his own wrist, brings it to a 90 degree angle, and he brings his leg to the middle of his
back so the can’t front roll. If he front rolls out of this, the leg comes out front
roll out as an escape. Okay, one more time. Okay the kimura, he grabs onto his wrist,
reaches around the outside of the elbow to grab his own wrist. He brings the arm to a
90 degree angle, brings his leg across the middle of his back, then he wrenches the wrist
all the way to the back at a 90 degree angle till he finishes the tap. That is a kimura.

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  1. dont you have a life to attend to? besides going on youtube starting fights i mean cmon "tough guy" if you think you know about martial arts and such, you wouldnt be thinking about gay things over jiu-jitsu so isnt it obvious? your probly going to say to me " hey go fuck alec" or something really stupid, for one i bet you are actually gay and for two your a sickminded bitch with issues get over it ok you should just not even reply to this comment lol best if you dont. ;p

  2. its a double leg takedown man its the bread and butter of takedowns and the reason it looks weak is because they're going half speed because they're drilling

  3. wtf, i was talking bout the TAKEDOWN!
    fucken dipshit. NOT the submission.
    the submissions legit as fuck, but im stating
    jiu jitsu takedowns are fucken weak.

  4. While there are a lot of positions where the person having the submission applied to could bite, this is not one of them. Although, even in cases where the person can bite, that usually won't be enough to stop the submission.

  5. Insulting someones illiteracy is the lowest form of wit.
    Wrestling and BJJ go hand in hand. It's as simple as that.

  6. well u cant just say martial arts will save you from anything. martial arts is pretty useful for getting into fights. for example a fist fight, someone has a knife, etc

  7. "Show us how Brazilian Jujitsu stand against 2 or 3 fighters from other MMA. "

    Show us how "insert any martial art here" stands against 2 or 3 fighters from other martial arts.

  8. And they all came at the guy at the same time? I find that hard to believe. Most people have their hands full with 1 person. How do you fight someone who's in front of you while another person is playing rock-em-sock-em robots with the back of your head?

  9. I think you'd take a sucker punch to the back of the head before you turned around. Sure, you can knock out someone with one punch (MMA gloves allow fighters to hit harder because they're not worried about their fists btw).

    But I've seen boxers sparring with joe schmoes and joe schmoe can usually protect himself decently enough to avoid a decent amount of hits to the head (still one-sided).

    I've never seen a video of anyone taking on multiple attackers who don't come at him one at a time.

  10. That's wrong its harder to knock someone out without gloves. Its about shaking the brain up and the gloves help to bounce your head around. Look at old bare-knuckle boxing there fights could up to 40-50 rounds. bare knuckle is much safe, when talking about knock outs.

  11. i don't see how that can be when in karate u condition your fists to rock someone. how is it that having the same strength but fists of rock versus whatever gloves are allows gloves to hit harder?

  12. The biggest reason fighters wear at LEAST Pride, UFC, etc gloves is because you can break your hand/wrist/finger REALLY easy by punching someone without gloves at the speed/strength most fighters wield.

  13. this is very poor kimura technique demonstration. The person who does it is a white belt. There was no precision to the moves that he did.

  14. Don't matter how good you are at boxing or Muay Thai, how are you gona fight 2-3 people at the same times who efficient at Boxing or Muay Thai. You must be very lucky it can be done. Like someone just slips and fall into your punches lol.

  15. The Gi is used as a weapon to gain control of a opponent in this situation.
    From the guard using the gi i love the gator roll or baseball bat choke using the gi, its personify's what BJJ is all about, devastating move thats simple, uses technique over brawn..
    Thats why he grabs 'the mans shirt'…

  16. I completely disagree. BJJ is only effective for competitions or against a single opponent. This would never be effective if an opponent on the street had a weapon such as a knife or had a group of friends attack you, which in my opinion makes Commando Krav Maga much more affective than BJJ, and possibly the most effective martial art.

  17. i would say that a combination of krav maga, bjj and mut tai would be the most effective way to survive out on the street.

  18. Krav Maga's reliance on overwelming force(bursting) and groin shots/small joint manipulation make it not really effective for sporting events. Which is pefectly fine cause it's meant for selfdefense work anyway.

  19. what? lol I wouldnt recommend trying to take on multiple people with any martial art especially if you try to sub people while others are beating on you.

  20. a know what i would of done and that is boot you sraight in the fucking head if you were doing one ofmy pals i would not heserte to jump in

  21. shut the fuck up man a would bite your striaght off mate you and yi fucking body shield you have been watching too much van damn you like pmsl

  22. kimura owns it good shoulder lock if u at the bottom and the americana move is a good shoulder lock if u on top.

  23. Nah stand and fight… With even basic martial arts training you should be able to with stand 3 opponents. In hakiedo they had me fighting two people at once with in 3 months of training. With more then one person you will want to use things to take them out fast. One of my favorites is a quick throat punch and then elbow to the back of the head.

  24. Scoutsniper is on crack, he could fight 2 people at once?? Are u kidding, one opponent who know what he is doing is enough, two dudes who know what they are doing feel like your fighting ten. U are being suckered buddy.

  25. It's really naive to think that because you can handle 2 opponents in a Haikido demonstration, that you could handle 2 in a streetfight. As soon as they decide to circle you're doomed.

  26. You break your guard for a kimura. The leg over the back prevents them from posturing up. So yes, whoever gave this man a black belt knew what they were doing.

  27. Thats how I fight. I have it embedded in my brain that every fight is a serious fight, even little school/stupid ones. Helps you fight a lot better.

  28. I think the nose is a good thing and also the ribs, but personally a nice knockout i would do, if i were keirrocks212 i would simply wait to find the temple open and just strike at it with the edge of my palm, elbows are better but will leave cuts and blood, but the palm is easiest, anyways good tips aj31313! ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. …I have 54 years old and was a former BJJ fighter. We, down here in Brazil, call this lock "Kimura" ยดcause it was used by the former japanese champion Kimura in the fight against the master of the masters, Helio Gracie. The japanese call this lock "Ude-garami" .Yes, it is a good and a effective lock and can be used at least in more two positions. Thanks for the video!!!

  30. All these Expert village videos have gotten me interested in BJJ. Wrestling is great but I like all these submissions and throws.

  31. @hadenough996 It's a personal preference, some do it because of sweat, others because of stretch marks and some just because they have a t-shirt that has a nicer feel to it than their Gi.

  32. @hockey123456789socks I take BJJ and Krav Maga (just started) I prefer that over MMA. I'd rather learn two very effective martial arts than two effective martial arts and ten other ones that don't work so well. Unless your looking to compete then MMA is great ๐Ÿ™‚ but i take martial arts for self defense.

  33. @munkymaskproductions no, its a shoulder lock, it can dislocate the shoulder. also may i suggest you to try traditional jujutsu instead of krav maga and bjj wich are bullshit.

  34. i love mixed martial arts and bjj a lot, but what pisses me off is that MMA is the FASTEST growing sport in the world right now. this sucks because if you get into a street fight, chances are more and more people are going to know MMA, which then means there is a greater chance of getting ur ass kicked

  35. @paranormalvl I guess you haven't been updated on the whole Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Online University. Either way, @expertvillage show horrible BJJ technique

  36. Muay Thai is my stand up, BJJ is my ground game. Everything is simple and deadly. Krav Maga is also good to know for weapons and such.

  37. @laff4nicky both very lethal, I practice both, but every mma fighter knows muay thai and bjj, its also good to know stuff they dont practice to be unpredictable, taekwondo, karate, judo, wrestling, kung fu boxing and aikido
    that way you'll have more moves on your arsenal.

  38. @kfo73 sudenly it becomes less gay when the guy in between your legs is punching you in the head lol

  39. @weedpussymoney321 Also, good technique will always trump strength. When I first started training BJJ, my instructor used to get pissed off at me for trying to muscle people around. It never worked. Even if the guy is 'too strong' for you to get the kimura, there's a nice transition to either a triangle choke or an omoplata shoulder lock. There's also a transition to a guillotine choke. I dont care how strong someone is, if there's no blood getting to their brain, its tap or nap.

  40. @kfo73 if you get caught in a submission thinking its gay, don't worry you'll be asleep before u know it.

  41. I'm thinking of inventing a new style it will be called BJJ (Bulgarian Ju Jitsu)
    It will concentrate on groundfighting, will have no use whatsoever on the street as self defense, will be only for the ring competition but i will promote it as the best fighting self defense system on the planet.
    It will include new techniques like cross arm bar, arm entanglement, Kimura, Crucifix, triangle etc… Appreciate any feedback? Maybe it's already been done andd i've missed the videos of it on youtube.

  42. @bearsfan213 Then don't start trouble. Also, if you "love" MMA "a lot" then why would there be any reason you would be out-matched?
    Would you rather a fight that is easy or challenging??
    Your statement is an indicator that you are a wussy.
    You need to drink some cement so you can harden up.

  43. Depends on 2 things:
    1. Whether you're in the right – makes a distinct difference in purpose and penetration of what ur doing…
    2. How disciplined you are
    These things separate Champions from 'also-rans' in most physical engagements ๐Ÿ˜‰

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