Albuquerque, New Mexico The second home of Monterrey born UFC fighter Erik ‘Goyito’ Perez Here he joined Greg Jackson’s team and, for the first time, the world’s biggest MMA promotion will host a show in town. This makes the routine for his fight against Bryan Caraway on June 7th, very different Fighting in New Mexico makes it very relaxing, today instead of taking a flight I’m getting a haircut. This is something I always do prior to or on fight week, it symbolizes that all worries, preocupations, stress, the 6 months of hard training, it’s all in your head and now it’s gone. It’s time to relax and get ready for battle His family is far away, only his mother is able to come to every fight. But, as it goes with immigrants, he found other mexicans to lean on. Javier Palacios is one of them. Born in Ciudad Juarez, Javier is also an MMA fighter and Erik is the godfather to his son. When he arrived to the gym I was already there… When he walked in I thought, “Hey! Another mexican!” We became friends and I helped him because I thought he needed help He helped me too. When I didn’t have a job he gave me work fixing up houses. We became great friends and now I’m the godfather to his child. I see him as a brother and we’re always trying to help each other. As a fighter he helped me grow in my striking, my wrestling. He’s been a great friend and has taught me a lot. My “compadre”, my “compadre”. He is the godfather of my child and a great friend. Mike Valle, from Matamoros, is Erik’s coach… He’s also a surogate big brother with advice and unconditional friendship. He’s like a brother, like a father. Our relationship is great inside and outside of the gym… He’s everything to me in New Mexico, I’ll be with him a long time, as far as this takes us. In spite of all of this, the challenge against Bryan Caraway won’t be easy… …not even with the crowd on his side. I always fought as a visitor before I fought in the UFC… Fought in England as a visitor, my first fight in Texas… …as a fighter I don’t think it has weight. He’ll draw confidence from his experience. We have a great plan, I’m focused, we had a great camp… I’m just going to do my thing. Time will draw the path of the career of Erik ‘Goyito’ Pérez. It will also determine how many years he will spend in Albuquerque, the city where he grew as a professional. You’ll see again the fighter that gives his heart out in the cage… I’ll do it intelligently, with more experience than my opponent. Will we see the ‘Goyito Power’? You better believe you’ll see the ‘Goyito Power’


  1. Estas bien lindo Goyito!! me encanta como hablas se ve que tienes un corazon enorme y un angel de persona, y con la sonrisa mas linda y sincera que nadie puede tener :3 …

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