GO! – Capítulo 1 (Ving Tsun – Wing Chun)

My name is Lilia
and some of you know me for presenting videogames
at “La Nación” some other for the Monsterwalk,
cosplaying, because were my co-workers from school, university, kindergarden
or simply are my neighbors! What some of you may not know is that I’m an actress and
I am interested in action movies I’m also completely out of shape Since the Pilates gym that was in front
of my house closed a year ago I haven’t done anything in a while Because I’m inconstant and if no one
is watching me I don’t exercise I’ve decided to show you my
training plan that will take me to become an
“action star” LOL Well, there’s not much market here
for action movies in Argentina but we can create it, no problem! And I’d love to be an exponent, of course! From today onwards we’ll be practising
martial arts (Ving Tsun Foshan), personal defense I’m going to show you how do I go from this… I’m going to show you how do I go from this… To the same but with more fiber! XD Better trained and with more
flexibility I’ll present to you Gerardo
that will be my instructor (sifu) he will tell you what is this
all about. Here is Gerardo! Gerardo will be my guide in this journey
of discovering… …of finding a better “me” Gerardo, what do you do? I teach Chinese Martial Arts And more less, what will you
be teaching me for starters Personal Defense techniques based on
Chinese Boxing from the South of China As I was saying a moment ago
I’m in terrible bad shape… … are you helping me to prepare
physically as well so I can survive this training? Yes, this will help you, it’s
going to be progressive I’m not going to exhaust you nor turn you into Xena from one day to another but, with some time… Hmmm… a Xena cosplay, I could come
with a Xena cosplay some day! I could wear a wig and be Hercules! LOL No.. ok… no 🙁 It’s been almost a year since I don’t do anything What are we going to start with? We’ll start relaxing the body I’ll teach you standing
and how to defend yourself punching If someone comes closer to you,
you hit If someone tries to grab you,
you hit We are not going to waste time
with defensive standing… …”if there comes a punch I block” Or “if he grabs me here I grab him like this..,”
NO. Because if he already grabbed you
you are in trouble It’s wrong from the start For example, how should I stand to confront someone? Please answer XD How should you stand? First you will not work on a fixed “guard” Like the boxer that needs to be like this Or the Kung Fu practitioner that must be like this Right the way you’re standing, you should be ready
to fight I’m always ready The idea is to be ready like a cat HEATING In… in some more classes you… She’s gonna reach her foot!
She’ll do it! This is real! (ouch) Tap, tap, tap! LOL But I said that I wasn’t in shape! I’m going to be paid for this, right? LOL Welcome to our Yoga class! Do you dare to make some pushups?
*STARES* *COF* We’ll make 10 I’ll make this clear The maximum I did was 15
during highschool Well, we’ll try I say “try” so we can see your progress If you can make ten, then you’ll be able
to make twenty… The pushups we are going to make for
this kind of punch involving triceps we need to put our hands together and
close the elbows Like this Remember to inhale and
exhale when you push up! And even if she almost dies,
she made it to 10! And now some punching. We’re gonna start with the basic idea,
the basic idea is not to get punched. To achieve this what you have to do is learn to hit
first. I’m not teaching you to block, deflect or cover
because it takes a lot of time to develop the reflexes
to be able to do this. And also defense exercises are formulated
for an attack that’s already on the way. You can’t wait for the other to throw a punch to act. If we are in a tense situation in which we are already in a dispute
with a bad attitude, you’re gonna tell me that you won’t notice the
intention of the other person to attack you? Yes, in fact, in the moment you start to feel fear is when you
should start defending yourself? Right!
What we are going to do is to hit because if not he’s/she’s gonna hit you. And something a lot of martial arts doesn’t teach you is that pain hurts. It’s not like in Van Damme films
that you get kicked a lot of times and you’re still on your feet. If you hit me in the stomach I’m gonna fall down with my hands on it. I’ll probably cry too… Let’s see! Well, let’s start with the basis,
you’re gonna stand looking to the front,
we’re not gonna have a lateral guard. Chinese realized that on the middle of the body we have
the most important things. The eyes, the mouth, the nose, the throat, the heart, the babes factory… All that stuff, that middle line is what we’re gonna defend. So let’s start with a triangle.
OK? This idea is a triangle. If I’m punching with an open angle, you’re not gonna block,
you’re gonna attack. My punch is annulled. This idea of the triangle works with all the body,
my hands, my legs, we’re gonna work that. You’re little like me, we ain’t strong,
so we’re not gonna look… We’re not gonna look for something we don’t have,
we’re gonna use what we have and that’s speed. G: We don’t care about hitting hard…
L: Not even speed but it doesn’t matter, I’m gonna try. You’re going to develop it.
We don’t care about hitting hard, we care about hitting fast. Why are the legs bent?
They are parallel, on a 45 degree angle, why are my knees bent? Looking forward, why are my knees like this? Stand straight in front of me,
with your feet parallel one to each other. You fall backwards.
Now stand in the same way and bend your knees. I was already waiting for the pushing. It’s not the knees. L: Again, again.
G: Just stand the same way you were.
L: Push me again standing like this. You fall backwards.
Now with you knees bent you don’t. L:You’re out of combat in a second.
G: Right, the fight ends, that’s why we’re not gonna use high kicks. We’re not gonna use high kicks,
not because they can’t be used. G: But because strategically to defend yourself in the street… L: Anyway I’m gonna need to use high kicks because it looks
nice for the camera. G: We are going to practice them.
L: But you’re gonna teach them to me. G:Yes, we are going to practice them. But strategically, we are always talking about the street.
Not about a combat, on the street. In the street I’m not gonna kick the other guys head,
in the moment I do this to hit her head,
she kicks my groin, I fall to the ground and the fight is over. You already practiced it, you understand it,
now you’re going to apply it to see how you do it. And as we don’t have anyone else in this moment,
you’re going to hit me! If you are willing to stand it, because I’m very strong,
I’m just warning you… G:It’s OK, I’ll take the risk.
L: No problem. With your fastest hand on forward, OK? What I’m going to do is to try grabbing you, punching,
whatever I do you have to throw a punch. When you fell I’m invading you personal space, you hit me. I’ll be here, OK?
And I say “Hey blondy, what’s up?” Luckily we are not on the subway! That’s the idea,
coming! Exactly.
Going with a punch. Oh!
Fortunately I have my nails short. Hit me. Coming. That’s it, let’s stop because she’s really killing me. L: Your neck.
G: She really strikes hard! According to “Gera”, it’s the lightest thing he could
make me do because… I told you I was on a really bad shape and that last time
when we met you had to test me. Yes, I thought it was a joke… No… It was the truth… LAUGHTER* Thank you for coming, thank you for helping me
and we are going to continue showing more stuff about personal defense. This was the basic, the first thing he would teach in a class. Thank you for inviting me, give me the chance of showing this,
and let people see this and make them interest on it. We are starting a training group right here on
“Barrancas de Belgrano” (Bs.As.) I already teach in “San Cristobal” and “Monte Grande”,
and occasionally in “La Plata”, but in “La Plata” is where my master teaches. Well, you’ll probably find us here on Mondays and Wednesday
around 4 in the afternoon, when it’s not so hot.
(Correction: at 5 in the afternoon) She’s gonna be here, I’m gonna be here… Well, I hope to last a little longer next time and
thank you for coming. Presenter (and future action star):
ARIEL ZORZINI The rest of the information is down here.

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