Gladiators v. Pro Football Players, Model, Karate Black Belt (Full Episode) | American Gladiators

48 Replies to “Gladiators v. Pro Football Players, Model, Karate Black Belt (Full Episode) | American Gladiators

  1. Craig is a real full back, he knocked the ish out of Nitro and ran Gemini clean the fk over! On top of all that he tossed Malibu azz out the ring quick!

  2. Loved this show as a kid . Unfortunately the earlier seasons like this 1 well they were just a little bit corny bad acting and the events were not as cool. Plus in the later seasons they added more Gladiators . The best female Gladiator by far was Elektra she lost all the time but she sure was nice to look at compared to most of them lol.

  3. I'm not American nor did I watch this during the 80's but I love it. It's just dripping 80's cheesy charm and it's entertaining as hell.

  4. So… uhm… 2 new videos posted after nearly 10 years of dormancy, and then 6 months of more dormancy?

    How long until more? Seriously, WE WANT MORE!

  5. If this was filmed today when they show the crowd half the people would have their face buried in their smartphones..great show..they sould bring it back

  6. So this had to be the first season 8:39 intro was fanny af. they should of left it in the later seasons. and bring this show back.

  7. I remember this episode like it was yesterday. The show liked to pick small contestants against the much larger, roided out wanna be jock gladiators. Not this show. The 225lb Williams and the 215lb Shumski punished and shoved the gladiators around. They concussed both Nitro and Gemini. Malibu pissed his pants after Shumski concussed Gemini, he wanted no part of Shumski. I think the gladiators said, fuck this – you have to get smaller contestants so we can dominate again.

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