GIANT Bodybuilder Tries Gymnastics

come on all right I can do this
Goldilocks you can do this but I gotta take out my secret weapon what’s up
awesome ninjas welcome back to ninja kids TV
I am Bryton and today we’re doing an amazing gymnastics challenge right I’m
Bryton you are the giant but he is right we’re
doing a gymnastics challenge where peyton is gonna teach the giant
gymnastics I think it’s gonna be really fun okay giant first up I’m gonna be
teaching you some unless for the teeth okay I can do that
what’s so funny I mean I’m sure you’ll do great but men’s and women’s
gymnastics are very different women’s they’ve got all these dances in it well
all the pretty stuff you know it’s when you got to get your tutu oh okay not too
much information first one we’re gonna be dancing yep
and did I hear something about a tutu? all right there’s no way I would ever
ever guys ever ever wear a tutu never what if this video gets 10,000 likes no
way what about 20,000 likes nope, not
doing it 40,000 no 50,000 likes what if this video gets 50,000 likes will you wear
a tutu? – if this video gets a hundred thousand likes
I’ll wear – a pink tutu okay you heard that guys get this video to a
hundred thousand likes and you’ll be seeing this giant in a tutu okay, is this right? I feel like
Britney Spears. I have to do the riff okay all right gonna do it then.
what do you guys think ten out of ten while we’re doing tumbling yeah Peyton
oh no oh you meant right now well actually you know I just had breakfast
so I’m not sure if it’s very safe and you wouldn’t want me to hurt myself
right you’re not scared are you scared? no come
on all right well maybe I’ve
never done a back flip on the ground before yeah maybe I need a little bit of
training before but scared never come on okay guys I was right he was scared but
that’s all right we’ll just work on it okay we’ll get your back tuck and maybe
you’ll get it by the end of this video absolutely you stay tuned guys by the
end of the video I will do a backflip okay let’s do it
all right giant next up okay uh what is balance was this yoga what’s going on
here looks pretty easy I think I’ve seen this in the Olympics what do you do you
write it like a horse or something come on little girl
whoa okay I have a feeling boys aren’t supposed to do this. not a voice oh no way you guys are gonna
make me do this. yep I’m gonna give it a try just because
I wanna beat you so I have demonstrate that was amazing I know and she did it
on a beam this is like 50 times harder you can’t do that right okay let’s have
a little talk my be honest with you and you guys too
I don’t think I can do that now don’t tell anybody
is there anything a little bit more basic you think I can do what if I don’t
use my hands oh I may be a legend if I can do this that’s right bro legend now
no more journey all right I’m doing a cartwheel okay that was pretty close a
little scary but I think that we’re not right okay now one more right 360 spin
oh gosh I think I definitely got that yeah especially if you had your two – ah
okay the two – ain’t happening unless my conditions are met right and what do you think can’t do
this okay what am i doing up here okay the leaf that’s right you got one more
now on this one okay do you mind if I do that on the smaller one I think that’s a
little favor I think he just doesn’t want to split the baby all right here we
go 1 2 n oh I think I’ve pretty much conquered that beam what do you think hey guys coming down below how do you
think the giant did on that baby what are we gonna do next
oh we know I’m pretty good with bars so these are the bars what do you think
giant not bad not bad I like them I think I got it you can do these right
yeah I could probably do it but I usually do the men’s bar it’s a metal
bar and they’re pretty cool but you’re probably better suited for a women’s bar
anyway what are you trying to say get over here another backflip Payton what are you
trying to do to me you went from that mark to that bar did like five backflips
in between did you guys do this on purpose you’re doing backflips because
you know I can’t do them more backflips every bit okay got it
cool guys not cool all right I can do this Goldilocks can do this but I gotta
take out my secret weapon what do you guys think yeah that’s true
I thought you guys we’re gonna teach me how to do a backflip yeah oh good turn
what’s a bowl okay all right yeah calm down ball –
tell us if he did good or not I think you did pretty good I think I did thank
you appreciate it guys now what when are you guys gonna teach me the backflip
because I’ve been waiting for that the entire time okay one of the funnest and
coolest ways to learn in the back foot is on trampoline check this out
oh are you teasing me I do the double I want you to do when I get some decent high bounces get
your hands up and tuck your legs as hard as you can and find you okay perfect
dad the Mack a lot I’m a little bit scared you guys think I can do this
comment below if you think I can do this all right
I need your support after watching him do that side flip thing you can totally
do it you can call me live I like that all right guys thanks for watching I’m
gonna keep working on that back loop until I can get it down on the ground
yeah yeah and make sure to check out the video we did on Lonnie channel where we
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