Getting My Taekwondo Black Belt!

So, I started Taekwondo 10 years ago
with private instruction with master Eric. Who is now a 5th degree black belt
master. Today, a decade later, I’m actually getting my black belt with my daughter.
This is my daughter. We’re both getting our black belts today. Are you so excited?
Just in the run throughs, it’s a 3-hour exhibition to like do the
final part. There’s been like a 7-month test. It’s been crazy intense
with all these amazing kids. Hey, who’s here is excited being a black-belt? I hang out with teenagers many times
during the week. There’s a couple of adults. By the time this video is done, this little
tiny thin belt is going to get traded for my black belt. This journey started 10 years ago and
it was all about masters, is all about discipline. It was all about learning how
to do something as perfect as possible. I’m still not perfect but I’ve learned
so much along the way. And I’m glad thought I have the opportunity to do this with my
family. I have the opportunity to do it. To just keep
developing and pushing me. In life, whatever isn’t growing is dying. So, this
is just one of the ways I’m growing. How are you growing?

16 Replies to “Getting My Taekwondo Black Belt!

  1. Awesome 👏 love your videos ❤️ It really has help me build more knowledge and confidence and really has inspired me to make a YouTube channel thanks ❤️

  2. No disrespect but a belt means nothing. You skill level is pretty basic. If you post a video like this any real martial artist can tell.

  3. Not even real Tae Kwon Do. No Korean instructors. This school looks like they give out belts as long as you come to class and pay for 10 years.

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