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  1. This asshole just looks like he's not even engaged in the conversation with a legend like GSP, he's looking to the side, looking above him, and then just aimlessly nodding his head like he's not even hearing a word he's saying.

  2. With so many idiots on Youtube teaching crap techniques that could never work in reality, its lovely to see GSP here showing some great stuff you just know he could land over and over in a sparring session. Pure quality! A true Martial artist.

  3. @16:33 Could he have used this move from this khabib video to get out rather than tap? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qiw9hSIgW4

  4. GSP is the only guy who could neutralize pretty much every maneuver Khabib could crank out on the mat, but out manuevers Khabib standing. He has the right kind of build, the strength, the knowledge & skills, & the IQ to match Khabib move for move. He's the only guy who didn't wrestle in high school or college, who learned it "on the job" who easily outmaneuvers college Division I & Olympic wrestlers.

  5. Very good video, besides the beautiful roll, I loved how sincere and straight forward he was with all of his answers! Very valuable information from a wonderful GSP! thank you for the video and keep it up

  6. Only other people I’ve seen roll like this are die hard grapplers with little to know standup. This guy is also one of the best standup guys so how the heck? 🤔

  7. Man, Georges made that guy look like he's a blue belt at most! Goes to show you he's in a class of his own on par with the best! And so humble… The mark of a true champ, a role model to emulate! Thanks for this, great inspiration.

  8. Danaher says that GSP submits high level BJJ competitors in training, not surprising seeing how sharp yet playful his jits is

  9. Where is his private gym located and can everyone train there? I am very much interested in this and live in Montreal

  10. 8:18 for a second I thought George said “you might fuck up” lmao I thought to myself I never heard him cuss before but he just said “forgot” lol

  11. I understand GSP’s jiu jitsu is super high level (danaher black belt) but man the guy he’s rolling with doesn’t roll like a black belt at all.

  12. I competed for years and my only fear was losing. Not getting hurt or koed. It’s such a strange feeling, fighting is such a different thing. Especially an organised fight, knowing the date the opponent is so fucking scary. Street fights are spur of the moment so there is no thought it’s just reaction. I can honestly say I was terrified for all on my 15 mma fights!

  13. Guys not for nothing the prey versus predator thing is so fucking true, I started working on my posture and always standing up nice and straight and people started treating me differently at work and everywhere else noticeably.

  14. Tell the interviewer to look at the person he´s talking to when he´s answering his questions. The guy keeps looking away and it just feels awkward. Other than that, great stuff! Keep it coming!

  15. I would love to just sit and listen to GSP, not say a word. Just let the knowledge flow, and do nothing but absorb his lessons and philosophy.

  16. You can tell he is a zahabi/Danaher black belt everything he does is linked together as a system.

    His kuzushi is beautiful too, very little effort to off balance you .

  17. GSP looks more early 30's rather than late 30's. He's free to do what he wants in life, but I really feel like he could still be number one in the Octagon. Great video man.

  18. Standard black belt Vs a very talented Black belt. That is real talent when you see someone easily handling a balk belt with basics and making it look easy. The interviewer is most likely very decent and tough in the gym, but GSP is a full time athlete who at time’s has given the best in the world a hard time on the mats.

  19. For those of you who don’t realize this…. he is basically the Barry sanders of mma. He left in his prime. The best ever yes best… and at anytime he can come back and destroy anyone. That’s how amazing he is. He was one of the first guys to start doing gymnastics to help his game. And now people copy. He also hates to fight. He hates confrontation. He just knows he is great at it. It’s a shame we can’t see him back in the cage. The man is legend

  20. I'm a former infantry paratrooper. It took a long time to put away my mask from these acitivies as I found it extremely unhealthy the army trains the animal inside us all. The one we use to protect our children, our country. I don't think people realize just how bad that mask can be, how inhuman.
    Royce Gracie Jiu-Jitsu brought that animal back and not only taught it, but tamed it.

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