Fundamental Aikido Techniques of Kokyunage : Aikido Techniques: Kokyunage Against an Overhead Strike

This defensive throw or kokyonage is from
shomanuchi or an overhead strike. Be it open hand with a bottle or with a knife or whatever,
Daniel is going to come up and just strike and his goal is to strike me right down top
of the head. Once again it’s best if I’m not there. Now that’s pretty simple to do so now
I’m going to come in and as he comes and strikes I’m going to cradle his arm, it’s going to
allow me to set up the technique. Come in, cradle the arm now I need to disturb his center
even more. In order to do that I’m simply going to turn here. Bringing his elbow here,
he’ll follow the technique, drop it in. The minute I cradle the arm, move around in a
circle, follow the technique, follow the technique and down we go. One more time, shomenuchi,
cradle that arm, roll it around, elbow drop. As a defensive throw, kokyonage against overhead
strike also known as shomenuchi.

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  1. He says "elbow drop", and then he says "kokyu nage", which is hardly the same.

    This technique is called Shomen Uchi Hiji Otoshi, or possibly … Sumi Otoshi. This is not any more Kokyunage than any other Aikido technique is Kokyunage.

  2. sorry, but what would your attacker be doing with his OTHER arm while your cruching him limb, also who the heck attacks lke that. and they usually rush into the attack

    tae kwon do FTW

  3. Im a 2nd degree black in Tae Kwon do and Hapkido with Jujitsu background and hold a 5th kyu in Akido as well. Akdio holds the secrets of Balance and Center, also controling that center is critical in ANY martial art. You should pay close attention to how disrupted his center is with just small movements and take into account that in brawls people tend to grasp at you and try to hold on to you as well with exagurated attacks. I love Akido It wasnt my primary pursuit but It provids answers.

  4. the skill of throwing your opponent off balance does seems useful, but attacking from range is still much wiser, also if you screw this type of fighting style you dont have to wait for an opening to get your opponent off balance, just attack head on. if they block break it.

    TKD, Boxing and these sort of styles require lots of strength, endurance and hurt the attacker as well though

  5. SoldierCyfix if you ask me to fight like this Id think you were crazy. Period. But there is much more of a lesson of balance in the technique that allows you to perform better in other martial arts. I would be kicking and punching, but if one guy got in on me grabbing my shoulders to try to get a head lock or putting his hand on me, Akido is sweet for throwing or locking. Couple that with Hapkido and a knowledge of the center and the guy grabbing you is in for a rude awakening.

  6. me too…cuz i don't realy want to become an aikido or other martial arts combatant..i just want to know what i could do if a drunken idot in a disco (most of them don't know anything about fighting) wants play superman and tries to hit me

  7. immagino che la tecnica possa essere usata per difendersi da un attacco con una mazza o un bastone, variando la distanza ovviamente

  8. Sempre sulla carta..!! un vero attacco nn lo schivi come farebbe Goku o Ken il guerriero, per poi metterci la tecnichina!

  9. @szachu92 You sir are bullshit, being an istructor you should know that martial artists or styles should not compete, but learn from eachother, if krav maga is about disrespect, then i understand you. Just by your comment i know that you do not understand the spirit of martial arts, just violence.

  10. @szachu92 Love to train with you mate… NOT! Have to comend St1 yD as your limited understanding shows, & I am no expert (25yrs training in martial arts ZendokaiYONDAN,Muay Thai KRU ,JudoYONKYU & most resently Goju-Ryu Sempai,Aikido(Novice)& TaiChi(Novice) still a student,oh and founded style in2001 KARATE HAKKAKU DO Godan Shihan) so please try to open your eyes & see balance not violance& remember an egg comes from out fo chicken arse& a spirt is a drip under pressure= EXPERT love not war!!

  11. @shihanSi sorry ppl of chickens arse ha ha hope I have not upset any one yours with peace and respect shihanSi

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