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Closed Captions were added by Moxi team. Brother Huo, you are great. I’ll have a drink with you later. See you later. Don’t go. I know, Brother Huo, we’ll wait for you. Brother Huo. How could you win the game? King decided the outcome of the fight beforehand. He has already lost thirty million. King asked you to lose, just lose it! Why bother? Fang Yihuo, what are you doing? King… I want to win. Huo. Their are own people. Don’t throw away our friendship. Gui. Say sorry to Huo. Brother Huo, it’s my fault, sorry. Please forgive me. Have a seat. Give Huo a cigarette. OK. Brother Huo, just forgive me, calm down, here is a cigarette. Let me light up for you. Fire wolf-battle of the cage Kun. Good fight. But tonight… I bet on you to lose. Wait a moment. Don’t say anything. It seems that you are a very excellent boxer. I’m a jack of all traces and master of none. May I know your name? Fang Yishui. 303 bar is short of boxers like you. There is a match tonight. I would like to invite you to come with me. There is a group of underground boxing organizers. The boss is Jin Wei. We call him “King” He controls every match of the whole city, formal or informal, he controls all of them. It combines boxing and underground gambling. He earns a lot of money. I’m looking for evidence of his crimes. I have watched him for a few months, there is no way to start. From now on, I’m thinking about starting it from her. Ladies and gentlemen, good evening! Cheers. Welcome to 303 bar. The match we have been looking forward to is about to start. Here we will witness the real showdown between boxers. They are like tigers and bears, who are they? Here comes Ta Kun. Ta Kun. King. Qian Kun has already won 17 fights , Good! I’ll bet on him to win tonight. Money. Yeah, we all bet on him. I’m not convinced. It cost a lot of money to bring Ta Kun over from Thailand. I’m telling you guys, even though he is short, he is still incredibly talented. He has a powerful punch. Sorry, King. I bet on Ta Kun. Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter. Although he is small, he has incredible strength. Look at his six-pack. Let’s welcome the next boxer. He is †Boxer Chi“ Qian Kun. Boss Wang. Bet on Qian Kun. Qian Kun. Five million. Five million. Boss Jiang. Three million on Qian. Three million on Qian. Boss Xu. Three million. Three million. Also on Qian? Qian Kun. Have you been busy lately? Hello. Shui, you are here. Yeah. Wow, there is a lot of people here. Yeah, you’re here for the first time. There is a fight happening. Yeah, do you want to watch it? Let’s go. Look, violence is screaming out of every part of his body. So, who will win, who will be the champion tonight? We’ll find it out soon. The match is about to start. Fake punch. What did you say? Nothing. I said I want to punch as well. It is very cruel to have a death match. And you are not a professional boxer. I’ve done sparring before. I would like to try. Alright. I can tell my brother. But I can’t guarantee I can make it. My brother only cares about interest. He never took me seriously as his sister. Who is your brother? King is my brother. Jing. Look, what I have got. I spent a lot of money on it. American drugs. Whoever drinks will win. That’s what people say. If we give this to Qian Kun. We don’t need to worry about earning money anymore. Does it work? Of course. Why are you here? I’m here to tell you I have someone to fight tonight. And you have to give him the highest appearance fee. Who? Fang Yishui. Fang Yihuo’s brother. Right? Can he fight? What? Don’t you believe me? No. Joining the match is fine. The question is why should I give him the highest appearance fee. Because he is my friend. I can’t say “yes” to him, not even you. The only thing you can think of is money. It seems I shouldn’t come here. The first round tomorrow night is OK. But he must win. Then I can give him the highest appearance fee. Hey, brother, how are you? I asked you not to come here, why are you here? Let me tell you some good news. I’ve got a lot of information of criminal activities of King. I’m warning you again. Do not piss him off. I’m not afraid of him. I’ve thought it over. I’m going to approach him through boxing. Let him trust me. Then I’ll reveal his crime that he give boxers banned drugs. What do you think of this plan? You are trying to sign your own death warrant. Don’t you know who the hell he is? Of course I know. If it weren’t for him, you wouldn’t be like this way now. I’m telling you, asshole. It none of your business. King. We can let Qian Kun try this drug in the next match. Find out if it works or not. We have this drug, plus the super skill that Qian Kun has, nobody can beat him. That’s true. But having the death box is not big enough, two months later in MMA… Gui. Insight doesn’t always have to be spoken. This is what you should learn. Yes, yes, you’re right, King. I have a big mouth. But, King, I think there is something wrong. Spit it out. Fang Yihuo, brother of Fang Yishui, went to the prison because we’ve done. He want to approach us, will there be a conspiracy? He will be under my control whatever he wants to do. Leave him alone. Let’s make enough money first. Once he doesn’t do what I ask, isn’t a good thing to send him to the prison like his brother? Awesome, boss! Why hadn’t I thought of it? You… You must be always careful. Keep your eyes on him. Copy that. I am going to do it right now. Hi, here you are. Let me tell you a good news. You can take part in the boxing match. Cool. When? Tomorrow night. So soon. Your brother treats you well, right? Don’t mention him, he isn’t my brother anymore. No? Why? Mom. Mom. Brother. Five hundred thousand isn’t a bid deal to you, right? Please save our mother. Come on, stop! Listen up! She is your mother. My mother died ten years ago. Brother. From then on, there is only business between us. Not family obligations. He is running the boxing match in my bar, I’ll get the commission from it. It not bad for my bar. That’s it. He isn’t your blood brother. I haven’t heard that before. These are family secrets. Nobody washes their dirty line in public. But you just told me. But I… I have never treated you as a stranger. Go, go, go for it! Fight! Uncle Hua. Shui. It’s been a long time. I have been busy lately. What keeps you so busy? Nothing. Oh, by the way. I’ll have a boxing match tonight in 303 bar. You must come and cheat for me. Brother Shui. Take me with you, please. Disappear. Practice more. Li, fight! Li. Shui. Your brother was at 303 bar that year… I know. Uncle Hua. You go there with Biao tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, good evening! Where are you? Let me hear you! Did you miss me? The two competitors of fight tonight are Black whirlwind, Song Da. And a nameless fighter, Fang Yishui. OK, so tonight who will be the winner? Let’s countdown. Three. Two. One. Brother Shui! Beat him down! Shui, kick him. Brother Shui, you’re powerful. Teach me, please. Don’t flatter me. Let me have a toast on you guys. Uncle Hua. Thank you for helping me and cheering me. Brother Shui, you are so fierce. That’s awesome. Teach me, please. Boy. Nice fight. I’ll arrange another fight for you in two days. Please take me with you next time. Brother Shui. Brother Shui. Would you like to try some trotters? Go away, don’t bother me. It’s delicious. Biao. Wake up. Biao. Shui. Uncle Hua. Uncle Hua. Do you have to fight? Yes. Your brother was framed by him. Don’t you know what kind of person King is? I know exactly what kind of person he is. So I must fight! With your current skills, you won’t be able to win. Uncle Hua! So you have to help me. You trained my brother well before. Uncle Hua! King. The darker color makes the drug more potent. Be careful. Take it easy. Oh, right, call Mr. Zhao and other bosses to come here in two days. Tell them we get a new boxer. Copy that. Arrest techniques is a style of unarmed combat. It targets joints and acupuncture point as well as key parts of the body, to inflict the highest damage to your opponent. In boxing there are no rules, all that matters is incapacitating your opponent. One can’t keep to one style and must use multiple styles to win. Show me. Keep your stance open to allow for varied movement. Go ahead. Keep your hands in a position to allow multiple options of style. Do you understand? You should be like a hungry wolf, to integrate into the wold’s calm and persistence. You should feel and observe with your heart. Come. Let’s carry on going. I see you have a definite aim, you try so hard. I really feel like I’m a loser. My brother said, once you’ve chose the way of your life, you have to persevere no matter the cost. Your brother is really nice. By the way, you don’t need to join the death match anymore, my brother is holding a match named “Kungfu Hero MMA”, maybe you can go there and have a try. Your brother? Yes. OK. I’ll go there once I finish the match at the bar tomorrow. I’ll give it a shot. I will go with you. OK. Everybody! It’s the most important fight at tonight, let me hear your scream for your favorite boxer. Here is Fang Yishui. And “Boxer Chi” Qian Kun. Match Start! Shui! Shui! Brother Shui! Are you alright? Brother Shui! Shui! Brother Shui! Shui! Brother Shui! Wake up! Are you OK? Shui! Shui! Hello, Doctor An. What’s the current diagnosis? We have to do observations for two days. Current diagnosis is drain death. What’s that? Doctor. This is just a preliminary test. We can’t confirm it for another 12 hours. This period is very critical to him. It will decide whether he make it or not. Thanks for your help, doctor. Please save him. Don’t worry, this is our duty. Biao. We gotta tell Huo about this. He must know this. OK. No! He wouldn’t be in this condition if it wasn’t for me. I have to tell Huo myself. King, we can make a lot of money this time. Brother Kun, you fought well today. King asked me to give you this. You have to teach me, such a brilliant punch! Oh, I see… Thank you, King. Kun. Nice fight. Practice more. MMA is really important for you and me. Are you not afraid of retribution? What good is there in beating Shui like that? Are yo talking to me? How dare you! Today I’m here to tell you I’m going to break off all relationship with you. You indeed is a villain. Break off the relationship? Do we have any relationship? Don’t worry, Huo. I’ll help you get vengeance for Shui. Boss, Jin Yao went to the prison just now. OK. This is what we are expecting. We are expecting it? Sit. This is what you expected? I’m a bit confusing. You don’t need to understand. You only need to know we’ll have a new way to make lots of money. King, what’s your good plan? From now on, we have to strengthen the training of Qian Kun. Except for sleeping and eating, he must do training. OK. And give him a higher dosage. OK. You have to do it yourself. Call the chief referee of MMA to come here, OK. Shui. I’m sorry. My dear, I have arranged it with the local police. You can continue without worrying about inference. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. Why are you here? I’m here for the cooperation with you. You’re not welcome here. Huo, don’t be so angry. We’ve been working together for a long time. Cut the crap! Yeah. Your brother got hurt by one of my men. Qian Kun, right? You already knew? But I gotta tell you something. You brother joined the MMA national-final. Because of his condition now, he can’t join the match. But you can. What’s your plan? You take the place of Shui to join the match. What do you mean? It’s sample, one word, interest. You’re banned from joining the match. But in terms of the lottery industry, they pay more attention to the interest rather than the rule. Just let the committee know you are Fang Yishui. Everything is fine. In the final, you try to let Qian Kun win. Then I’ll give you five times championship purse as compensation. Do you think I’ll work with you? Don’t say no now. Think about it, I have enough time. Anyway, there are left three days before the match. Boss. Say it. I’m wondering if he will lose. You say? I’ll approach him through boxing, and make him trust me. Then I will reveal his criminal drug activities. What do you think? You are trying to sign your own death warrant. Don’t you know what kind of person he is? Of course I know. You wound’t be here if it wasn’t for him. Huo. What should we do now? Do what King asked. You can’t. Shui hasn’t wake up yet. You can’t turn yourself in. Uncle Hua. I have my plan. Brother Huo. You just need to prepare for the match. I’ll arrange everything. Brother Huo, you finally come back. Please avenge brother Shui. Biao. You can’t hit the back of the head. Can’t hit the crotch. Are yo clear about the rules? Fght! These is the extra award. But you have to promise me you must win tomorrow. King, don’t worry. I’ll spell a life to win the match. Boss. It’s too much. You are still too young. How many chips do you have in your hands? Almost three hundred million. How much money is still in company account? A hundred million. OK. All for betting on Qian Kun to win. Boss. Are you sure? Give Qian Kun a higher dosage before the match tomorrow. I’m not fighting by myself. Biao. Take good care of Shui. Don’t worry. After the intense preliminary, today is the final match. It’ll be more violent and intense. They were well-matched opponents in the preliminary, and performed very well. It seems that’s a real fight between a tiger and a dragon. Now, let’s welcome Qian Kun. He has ten wins out if ten in preliminary. He knocked opponents out seven times. He got a frightening score. He is called “The Stern Killer” We can easily find out he is full of confidence today. No wander he is the slugger of MMA. Here is another boxer, Fang Yishui. He has nine wins out of ten and a draw in preliminary. He knocked opponents out five times and got an outstanding score. But Fang Yishui is a green hand this year. He might lose in the match because of inexperience. But he broke through to the final match, it’s certainly nothing to sneeze at. Look at his strong muscles, and powerful body. What do you think of today’s match? According to the statistics, Qian Kun has comparative advantage. No matter the experience or probability of wining, I prefer Qian Kun. But Fang Yishui also has possibility to win. OK. The match starts now. This is Xi Feng Lie MMA. This. This. Good luck. Go for it. Judge. Judge. Time. Are you ready? Are you ready? Fight! Yeah, beat him, brother Huo. Right, right, right, keep it up. Fang Yishui is still brutally attacking him. Qian Kun is being defeated. Come, drink it. It’s about to start our second round. Keep it up. The second round starts. Ready, fight! Hit him! Hit! What do you want? Go away. Right. The second round is over. Sit down, Shui. Relax. Keep it up, carry on! Be careful and remember to defend from lower body. Hey. Fang Yishui. Let me show you something. Stand up! I’m not alone in the fight. He won. Yes, he knocked his opponent out witha heavy punch. We should give him a nickname, right? Yeas, we should give him a nickname. Fire wolf? Yeah, fire wolf. Fire wolf! King. You know, the match always produces winners and losers. Take it easy. Yes. It’s just a match. It has winners and losers. Winners and losers? That’s my fucking one hundred million. Do you give it back to me? Jin Wei. You’re suspected of giving illegal drugs to Qian Kun. Qian Kun, as a states witness, accused you now. And You’re suspected of running illegal underground gambling. Come with us to the police station. Are you sure? Just come with us. Take him away. Call Mr. Jiang right now. He’ll sort this out. Hey, darling. It’s done. King’s stuff is in there. King. Bye bye. My darling. I know you’re the best. You already knew Fang Yihuo will help us. So that everything happened perfectly. And we can take the money and leave. I was going to take adventure of Fang Yishui. And now, he became a poor vegetable. This is the fate. King asked me to give Qian Kun five times drugs, but I give him ten times drug. Qian Kun… is also a poor guy. Brother Kun. Have you thought about what I said last time? Whatever you said, I won’t sell King out. You go. I won’t tell anybody about this. Darling. Only you are willing to help me. Let’s take the three thousand million and leave. We’re going to have a good life with it. Shui! Brother Huo. Shui. Shui. I got you the medal which belongs to you. I got you back.

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