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– [Patrick] Hi guys, Patrick Fulop here. This is Effective Martial
Arts and in this lesson a quick full-body warmup
for martial arts in striking, wrestling and ground fighting. Alright, so when you start
warming up, the first part is just to activate your body. So you can do this different ways. You can start by just running in place. Very important to keep on breathing. (breathes ) Nice, deep breathing. You can also do just, left and right. You can do just, light shadow boxing. If you have a skipping rope,
you can do skipping rope. You can do jumping jacks. Do that for about a minute or two, just until you get a little
bit of blood pumping. Get a lot of that activating in the body. Get the breathing going on,
and that’s going to just warm up your temperature
and that’s the first step to your warmup. It’s very important, breathe. (breathes) You can jump up and down, shoulders up and down, nice
and loose, nice and relaxed. Go for a couple squats here. Couple of squats, always breathe in. (breathes) Breathe out.
Breathe in. Breathe out. And do a couple of pushups as well, just to get the blood
flowing in the upper body. So, you can switch that from time to time, the way you do your activation. Next part is going to be joint mobility. So you want to warm up
all the little muscles and all the joints in the body. So, starting with the neck,
do big circles with the neck. Still keeping on
breathing nice and smooth. Very good, like this. And the other way. So, big circles with the neck. Big circles with the shoulders. Backwards, full range of
mobility in the shoulders, very important for punches. Forwards, same thing. (breathes deep) Still deep breathing. Alternating backwards, same
thing. Roll the shoulders. Full range of motion. Forward, same thing. Now, I’m going to move
on to the upper body. So, the spine. We are
going to do rotations here with the spine. Bending backwards, sideways,
forward making a round back, sideways and so on. Make sure you bend the
spine every which way. The other way, same thing. Always (breathes deep) with
the breathing at the same time. So, you want to warm up all
the little muscles in between the vertebrae and the spine. Next up, we are going to
do the lower back and hips. So, big circles with the hips. Just like you’re doing the hula hoop. So, it’s going to be very
good for the lower back and the hip muscles
you’re going to need for all the different movements
we are going to do. Many of the movements, most
movements, starts with the hips. The other way, same thing. Nice, reaching far in
every direction like so. (breathes deep) Still deep breathing. Next, we are going to do the ankle. So, nice warmup in the ankle. Bring the heel close to the ground and up as high as you can. Big circles like this,
moving the hips a little bit, moving the knees a little
bit at the same time. Same thing with the other leg, like this. (breathes) Still deep breathing. Very good. And do a little
bit with the wrist and elbows as well to warm up
all the joints in the body. Next up, we are going to
do for bigger motions. So, we are going to go with
arm rotations, like this. With the left arm, a
couple rotations forward. Couple rotations backward.
Still deep breathing. Right arm, same thing.
Forward. (breathes) Backwards. Reaching far in every direction. Both arms forward, big
circles. Opening it up. Backwards same thing. And a little more advanced variation, one forward, one back. Takes
a little bit of coordination. You won’t get it on the
first try, most likely. But this is good for coordination. Next up, we are moving on to the legs. So, we are going to swing
one leg front and back, as high as we can. So starting off not too
high, and then going higher and higher on every rep. Do
about 5 to 12, depending here. Now same leg, we are
going to cross in and out. Cross in, cross out. Again, try to hold your balance. This is very good for
warming up for your kicks and full range of motion in the hips. The same thing with the other leg. (breathes) Breathe out
every time you go forward. If you can reach face level,
that’s a very good target to aim for. Like so. And then in and out like that. (breathes) And next we can also do
rotations with the legs. So, with one leg, rotating
in and out like big circle that’s centered in front of you. Couple to the outside,
couple to the inside. (breathes) Still deep
breathing all the time. Same thing with the other leg. (breathes) And three in. One. Two. And three. Very good. And now we are going to do spine twists. So we are going to go
left and right as far as you can in both directions.
Looking far behind you, breathing out on both sides,
and breathing in in the middle. You’ll feel a good twist in
the back, very important. And a couple other things you can do, you can also reach down, reach
up, reach down, reach up. Get a good stretch in your hamstrings, always in a dynamic fashion. Reaching to the side, like
this, stretching the lats. Like that, always going and coming back. You can also stretch the chest. Open up like this, and close. And when it gets forward, you
stretch the back a little bit. So from time to time, you
can switch a little bit your warm up, which exercises you do. As long as you feel all the
blood is going everywhere in your body and you feel
your core temperature warming up. Now, the next step is
the hips. Very important. We’re going to stretch the hips. So we’re going down like this. So you go in a crouching
stance, as low as you can. You’re going to try to bring
your heels to the ground. Here, if you can get
both heels to the ground, sometimes put your hands in
front for a counter weight, and you want to get
comfortable in that position. Working the full range
of motion in the hips. Very important, keep on breathing. If you want, kind of hop
up and down a little bit and move side to side. Kind of just get a good
stretch for the hips. Alternatively, a little
variant you can do it for stretching on one side, like this. Stretching the hamstrings, just like that. And the other side, like
this, raising the heel, toes to the ceiling. Hold stretch like this. You can go a couple times, up and down. Here, left and right.
Breathe out when you go up. Breath in when you go down. If you are not yet strong
enough on leg you can just help yourself with one hand here as you go up and as you go down. Next step, we are going to
keep the crouching position over here. We are going to
bring one knee to the ground at a time, like this. So this works the full range
of motion in the hip joint, very important. Most of the movements and
striking, wrestling and ground, really start with the hips. You want to have a
nice, flexible hip joint and a large range of motion
in the hips, like this. Next we are going to
go a little bit higher. Feet parallel together,
knees nice and wide, kind of a Sumo stance, like this. Pushing the knees to the outside. And we are going to roll
left and right, like this. Opening up the the hip
joint to work on that mobility of the hips as well. Next up, keeping a nice straight back. Okay, you want to keep your
back nice and straight. Not round, like this. Straight, like this. And we are going to go left and right. So we are going to go to
the left, to the right. Still keep on breathing. Keep it low, keep you hips
same height as the knees. We’ll go left and right, like this. Again, very good for mobility. Next up, we are going to pivot on one leg. Keep the heel up, and driver our hips down as we rise up our upper body. And we are going to look
towards the back, here. So we are going to drive our hips down. You should feel a stretch here, in the front of the hip and the thigh. Here, then adjust, transition. Spin again. Again, drive the hips down. You should feel the stretch over here. Looking towards the back, like so. And again, transition. You can do this a couple times, two, three times on each side. And, last one, we are going
to go here for the hips. Keeping it low, like this. Nice wide stance, crouched hands, leaning forward, back straight. We are just going to rock
the hips under, here. Rock the hips under,
get the back vertical. And back down, here. Rock it under, vertical. For added resistance you can
pull the arms back as well. (breathes) Like this. Do that a
couple times and you should start feeling a good burn in the legs. After that, you can hold the
horse stance for a couple seconds, a minute. Make sure the legs get nice and strong. Again, that’s your general warm up. That we are going to do regardless
of what you are training in martial arts that day. Now a couple specific exercises
if you are doing striking, usually we are going to try
to transition to a little bit of shadow boxing. So nice and light, a couple
of jabs, crosses, hooks, upper cuts, overhands,
little bit of mobility, moving left and right, switching stances. Lowering your level. Couple kicks, okay. So, the general rule is
whatever you are doing that day, you want to start
doing similar movements, but nice and light to start
and give it chance of more of the body to warm up. Okay, so that’s going to be for striking. If you’re doing more ground
work that day, grappling, we are going to go to the ground. So, we are going to go down
right here and we are going to do a couple ground movements. Okay, so a couple of bridges. Left and right, here. Reach to the side. Get the hips nice and high. That’s it. Always
breathing until you warm up the specific muscles you
will be using in that particular range of fighting. Couple of shrimps here, escaping the hips. Breathing out (breathes) every
time you push, like this. Couple candles, reaching
to the sky with the legs. (breathes) Just like that.
Always breathing, good. And shoulder roll
position, very important. So, you’re going to get into
the shoulder roll position and just hang out over here,
paint the floor with your toes. Left and right. (breathes) Just like that. Get comfortable in that position. Hold the ankles down, bring
the knees to the shoulders, a little added stretch. Try to reach a little bit
further with the toes. A little added stretch. And, personally after that
I like to do a little bit of Cobra stretch. Just to
stretch the other direction. (breaths) And get the back nice and supple, and moving in every direction. And that’s it for grappling. If your going to do more
wrestling, I recommend doing a few squats with the back straight. Very important. Back straight, up and down. (breathes) Always breathing. Here, and you can just practice
from your fighting stance, dropping your level,
here, dropping your level. Couple of drop steps, shots over here. Here, nice and light with the knee. Again, we are starting
nice and light and working our way up in speed and intensity. Couple of falls as well. Here, falling and technical get up. Okay, we are going to be doing that a lot when we’re practicing wrestling. Breathing out, and up. There we go. And a couple different falls, falling on the side, same thing. Or a sitting fall to post
and technical get up. Just like that. Couple sprawls as well. Here, a little shadow boxing. Sprawl. Shadow boxing. Sprawl. And there you have it guys. A full body warm up for
martial arts training. Striking, grappling, and wrestling. So you can modify it from time to time, depending on what you are going
to be practicing that day. If we are going to be
doing a bit of everything, do a bit of everything in your warm up and make sure before you
start training with intensity, make sure your body is warm
and ready to go, alright. So have fun with this one, and we’ll see you all on the next one.

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