Free People Presents: FP TaeKwonDo (Ballet Parody)

you know it’s just part of me a kind of
powerful outlet that just spews out of me at any random
moment I don’t think about what I’m going to do
I just do it I’ve been tae kwon doing since I was knee
high to a grasshopper my mother said to me in this town, you better know how to defend yourself it’s amazing now I know I know how to roundhouse kick
someone in the face you call me a skank I can readily gouge your eyes out it definitely reigned me in but at the same time it toughened me up yeah, I wax on wax off every day any can tell. I’m very smooth they say it’s not just about yourself
really it is that power you’re harnessing when you look that opponent in the eye and they’re clearly shit scared its is
amazing connection that can’t be rivaled you have to feel it and it’s a gift when the Masters yelling at me I can’t
cry I have to push through it it inspires me and I’m proud to say I’ve mastered my craft

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