Foil Fencing Attacks : Safety & Gear for Foil Fencing

Before we start talking about Foil fencing
attacks I want to address safety really quickly. The basic gear you want to make sure you have
before your practicing, even if your practicing informally is your mask which protects your
head. It’s really important that anytime you have your in danger of having a foil aimed
at you even at a distance that you have a mask on. Sometimes as we’re explaining some
moves in very slow, choreographed motion, and occasionally I won’t have on a mask. But
even when we move through most of our slow motions we have this on because blades can
break, points can slip off target and you don’t ever want to jeopardize your face, your
eyes, or even your neck. So you want to wear a mask. Also the next piece of equipment.
You’ll have a foil obviously but the jacket is really not optional. This material is tough
enough regardless of what kind of jacket you have. That it provides good protection. You
can also wear additional amour, plastrons, or chest pieces that can help protect your
target area cause you will get poked and it’s not comfortable. Lastly the pants are actually
optional. Let me rephrase that the fencing regulation, fencing knickers are optional
we prefer you wear pants. But you can when you?re practicing in your school wear shorts,
wear sweats, wear anything that’s going to protect your legs. I will fence in shorts
occasionally so I can tell you that you get bruised. Even if your fences get deflecting
from target area and your legs are not target area you often deflect a blade to your area
and you end up with pretty black and blue polka dots. So you want to wear material that’s
heavy enough to protect your legs even though there not a target area and lastly before
you begin fencing you want to test your weapon. So the foil is a stiff, flexible blade but
they do break. They break rather frequently depending on the type of blade you?re using
just through normal use. So you want to make sure that this is tight if you feel rattling
here in the hilt you want to make sure that your guard is screwed on tight and properly
and also you’ll notice that there’s a little safety button here. This is not an electric
foil that adds a little bit of extra protection so you want to make sure that this is in place.
Cause these do occasionally fall off when your playing and make sure that there are
no breaks in the blade or that the tip is on here and it’s safe. At least you have basic
safety in place before you begin and I would also recommend that before you fence you learn
parries first and than learn attacks just to make sure you have the ability to protect
your target area because it’s a little safer for you but mostly that’s just good fencing.

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