100 Replies to “Flying Fish to the Face in Slow Motion

  1. 6:58

    Skyrim theme music: *plays and intensifies *

    Greybeard: but there is one they fear, in their tongue dovakiing, Dragonborn!

    Fish: FUS RO DA!!!

    Dan: oof * is slain *

  2. I have heard that this species of invasive fish are destroying the regular habitat of fish in the entire midwest.

  3. Don't like if people mess with animals just for dumb fun.
    I love your channel and videos, but this is intended harm of animals.

  4. If you stop the frame just before the last fish hits the GoPro, you can see the fish looking straight into the lens 🙂

  5. 4:27 Its like some weird Fish Apocalypse movie. I'm on Dan's side of this, I'd be freaking terrified.

  6. Since we are so good at genetically engineering things I don’t understand why we don’t release some with horrible genetic defects and let them reproduce with other fish making them infertile and or unable to survive

  7. I like the glitter. But, I liked it better not knowing you put it there. #😉😉 #IMissMyImagination. Thank You.💖💖💖💖💖💖

  8. Oh my GOD!!! I LOL’ed SO HARD when he got knocked off the float AND in the head, but when he got knocked off the noise he made was so hilarious omg. Love y’all!

  9. Theres a guy filming the guy who is filming the guy and there was even one shot where I was able to see that, which means that there is a guy filming a guy filming a guy filming a guy filming a guy!

  10. I feel like Dan has at one point or another thought that he's more likely to die filming Slow Mo Guys, then he was in Afghanistan.

  11. Imagine being an Asian Carp, minding your business, being dumped into some random lake and then having people driving around the river to bother you all day, say a prayer for the Asian Carp lmao

  12. I was drinking my soda and after Dan got hit in the face, I choked laughing and that diet coke is now coming out of my nose.

  13. 0:22 Greetings from southern Germany. OVer here we had a similar problem with "Graskarpfen (Ctenopharyngodon idella)" imported from China in the 70`s to eat up all the algea in lakes ment for the public to bath. Naturally their population exploded and we have been having loads of problems getting rid of them since.

  14. There’s one frame at 7:54 if you pause it at the right time where the fish is directly in front of the camera looking right into it and I honestly haven’t stopped laughing in 10 minutes looking at this freeze frame of a fish realising it’s about to hit a guy in the face.

  15. when the fishes wacth The Slow Mo Guys and see that there on yt

    Fishes: flapping in peoples faces since there so happy to be on yt

  16. (Not so) Fun fact: If these things get into the Great Lakes, they could get into basically all of North America's major waterways thanks to how rapidly they breed.

  17. J'ai beaucoup aimé cet épisode, très drôle ! Comment avez-vous eu l'idée du concept de la vidéo ? C'est fou ! 😂

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