Flow Drill #7: Abanico Corto Angle 1

Good evening, we’re going to go over Flow
Drill #7, which is abanico corto off angle #1. We’re going to break it down into several
components. The first part, shouldn’t take long, is the slap off followed by the tapi tapi block. Let’s do this. Slap off/tapi tapi block. One more time. Practice that part. You should know this by
now. Okay. In this section, we’re going to isolate
the abanico corto movement itself. So that you can execute this properly. So Alex is going to give me a 1. So when you’re going to do the abanico corto
movement, I need my arm to touch his arm here, in order to be able to do the abanico corto
movement. Watch this. So I drive this up And my arm is touching his arm. And I’m moving that arm out of the way. There’s the abanico. So it’s very important that you don’t
go in under like this here. You’re going to eat the stick. Okay, here, drive this up. Move this arm this way, across his center
line. And you have the abanico, okay? Now let’s turn around.
I’m going to start the drill from the beginning, okay? This is what we have so far. Clear. Now he’s gonna do abanico. Boom. Let’s do that again. Here. Clear. One more time. When you do the abanico, you want to make
sure you don’t get the stick like this here, ok? Drive it up like this here. You have this here when you do that. Ok?
So make sure you don’t drive that stick back. See the problem here? Let’s do this again. Here to here. We’ll stop right here. Practice that a few times. We’ll talk about the next section.
That comes next. All right, the next part is the meat, the
heart of this drill, okay? It’s going to involve using the left hand as the slap off two times in this sequence. So let’s do this. Abanico Corto. Drive this down.
Moves this back toward his shoulder. Punyo. Straight toward my face. Just before he slaps this off. I’m going to move this stick out So when he does the slap off I’ve got the tapi tapi block ready. Okay, let’s do this. Abanico corto coming into here. Punyo to here. Okay? Let’s do this again. Now, one of the basic principles of this is
that when you’re in the abanico corto position You have this down here. One of the basic principles is that I gotta
move my stick out like this You have a better chance of defending yourself
from this position than you do from here. So you have to feel your opponent. Here to here, okay? One more time. Got it? Practice that. We’ll discuss the next move in the next
section. Okay, so let’s pick up where we left off
in the last section which was Abanico Corto We were here. This is where we left off. As soon as you do the tapi tapi block, You’re going to step in with your right
foot and do the right sweep stroke toward his face. Okay? Pull off. That’s where we’re going to stop. So we were here, okay? We’re going to do the sweep stroke. And again. Here. Sweep stroke. To here, okay? So let’s do this from the beginning so that
you can see where we are. Here to here. Boom boom bang! Sweep stroke. Try that. Practice that a few times.
And we’re going to put it all together in the next section. All right, so now, we’re going to put it
all together. This is Flow Drill #7. Abanico Corto against angle 1. We’re going to do this slow a few times.
So you can see how this is done. Let’s get going. Here. So that’s abanico corto against angle 1,
Flow Drill #7. So Alex just learned this just before we filmed
this. Pretty good huh?
If he can pick it up this quickly, you can pick it up quite quickly too. So I look forward to the next video, which
is Flow Drill #8, abanico corto against angle 2. See you next time.

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  1. maraming salamat po guro for sharing your knowledge on abanico corto. its very practical informative and and straight to point! from philippines pugay and salamat po

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