Flow Drill #10: Modern Arnis Stick Locking

Hello we’re going to go over Flow Drill
#10 which covers same side lock to a cross body
bait to a lock. So we’re going to start with the first section which is the slap off followed by the tapi
tapi block. You already know this. This should take 15 or 20 seconds. And again. One more. Practice that. We’ll do the same side lock next. Okay, we’re going to cover the same side
lock off the tapi tapi block. Let’s go. You’ve got this here. And I’m going to roll this over. To here. The punyo goes over this. You’ve got a joint lock. Most of the time we do this here, okay? But for the purpose of this drill, we’re not
going to cover this, okay? Let’s do this again. Here. To here. I can hit him in the face here before I come back
to the arm. Put the punyo over the stick on the inside. One more time. Got it? Practice that. We’ll do the cross body bait next. All right; so we’re going to cover the cross
body lock. We’re going to pick up from the same side
lock which we covered in the last section. We’re going to go from here.
All right. Now. What if he slips out? I’ve got to do a cross body bait. From my left shoulder to here. I’m going to make a big circular movement
with this stick. To here. Release with this hand, okay? Let’s do this again. You have this. And he slips out. Circle with this. One more time. Here. Big circle. To here. Now let’s take it from the beginning. You have this here. Circle. To here. One more time. Okay?
Practice that. We’re going to spend a few seconds isolating
one movement. And that’s the rolling of the stick. Let me demonstrate first. Then I’m going to break it down. Let me explain to you how to do this. You’re using the thumb at the bottom of
the stick. Roll this over. See that? And your fingers come right out to here. When you get to this side, you want your thumb
at the bottom of the stick. Use your thumb as a guiding post. Guide the stick. It’s all about the thumb. Practice that. All right. So let’s pick up where we left
off. 2 sections ago. So let’s do this. You’ve got this here. This is where we left off. We’re going to place the hand here. Pull this stick against your body. And step back at the same time. Feed the punyo. Here’s that rollover we were just talking
about. Roll this over and knock his hand off. Feed the punyo. Roll it back over. Feed the punyo. And roll this back; this is number 3. And poke a #7. So let’s do this by the numbers. Once you’re here. And feed. And listen to the numbers. One. Two. Three. On three, as soon as you hit, you poke a #7. One more time. This is one. Two. Three. On three, seven. Practice that. Okay, so we left off here.
To continue the drill, he’s gonna clear and give me a #1. Pretty simple. You’ve done it before. Let’s do this a couple more times. Clear. Here. One more time. Here. Practice that part. And we’re going to put it all together in
the next section. This is Flow Drill #10. We’re going to put it all together. We’re going to take our time so that you
can see this. So let’s do this. Here.
Cross body. One. Two. Three. One. Two. Three. We’ll go one more cycle. One. Two. Three. So that’s Flow Drill #10. Have fun with it. If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected] or contact me through my Google+ Bamboo Spirit
page. See you next time.

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