Flow and Wu-wei

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  1. Here's a quote on flowing 🙂

    Do not struggle. Go with the flow of things, and you will find yourself at one with the mysterious unity of the Universe. — Zhuangzi

  2. seems like a very effortful presentation. I think the Wu wei slipped out of the video somehow. I would make sure to use a net of some kind for the next vid so it doesn't happen again 😉

  3. i can get into the flow anytime 🙂 makes walkiing gaming etc so easy it all just happens on its own

  4. spittin bars yo, in the flow, yo, hoe, im in the zone, wu wei is my second name hey, look at my water like strike yike never been smoother than a sub woofer drippin rhymes without slippin slippery watery floor cos I flow like a bowling ball yo.

  5. Damn this guy just perfectly articulated why i hate western philosophy on the nature of selfi im gunna have to quote this lol

  6. Ok so hes talking about music in relation to hot cold concisness if you want to hear the diffriance look up john coultrians "gient steps" coultrian had been wood shedding the cord progressions for a year before he droped that song on his pick up band for recording it so the pianist was in cold consciousness and had no idea what to do in his solo because no one in jazz had attacked the circle of 5ths like coultrian did with that song and when that paino solo ends coultrian hits with lightning speed in the perfect employment of hot concisness

  7. Hi Jason, irie vibes my friend, thanks for all your work, especially the tea time, I shared it with my class at University of New Mexico, and we all loved it.

  8. Wu-wei – flow

    Most of people don't know how to get to the flow state

    What is rational about a lot of art?

    Rational people think too much about everything. Destroys beauty

    Spontaneity takes over.

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