Fix It Friday: #5 Poke

Hello! Brian Johns of Bamboo Spirit Martial Arts! Today, we’re going to talk about the #5 thrust. Okay? So, one of the things that we see, in training, is…. I emphasize to my students a good #5 thrust. Right to the gut here. Why? Because it makes me work on my defense. So when he gives me a good #5, I’ve got to defend, okay? So let’s do this again. Makes me work my defense. I have to be on my toes to be ready for that #5. And if I don’t move, he’s gonna get me here, okay? Now, one of the worst things that you can do to a training partner, is not make that #5 poke realistic. So when he goes off to the side, “What is that??” Same thing going over to the other side. “Wow!” That’s no threat to me. So, I understand why some people may do it because they’re concerned about hurting their partners. But don’t worry about it, okay? If you have to do a #5 poke and you’re concerned about hurting your partner, slow down! You can go like this, okay? You don’t have to go fast! But make sure to do the #5 poke with control, just like Alex did, okay? You don’t have to go……AGGGHHHHHH! Slow down if you’re concerned about hurting somebody. So do that #5 poke, okay? If he does a bad #5 poke, call him out. “Come on!” “Right down the middle!” If he goes to the other side: “Come on! Right down the middle here!” Right here. Okay? Very important. You have to respect your training partner by making them working on their defensive skills. You got it? Fix it! See you next Friday!

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