Five Animals Shaolin Martial Arts : Straight Swords in Shaolin Martial Arts

Hi my name is Adam Bowling. I’m representing
the Christian Martial Arts Association. On behalf of Expert Village, I’m here to talk
to you about the Five Animal Forms of Kung Fu. Now we’re here to talk about the Chinese
Straight Sword. The Chinese name for the Chinese Straight Sword is the Gim. The Gim is a weapon
that was known as the gentlemen’s weapon. The Gim similar to the Broadsword is broken
down into three sections. The top section is use for cutting and stabbing. The middle
section is use for cutting and blocking. Ideally you would only like to block with the bottom
half though, from your hilt to about here. This would be what you’d use to block with.
The Gim was use primarily as a stabbing weapon. Again the stance supports the stabbing of,
using the weapon to stab with. The sword once stab is to be laid flat so as to fit between
the ribs. Lots of wedging, tight movements, blocks, arc close to the body. The finger that I’m using, it’s called a sword
finger. the sword finger designed to keep man with the center of the body, would be
able to land a person out with their center so as to be able to bring more power into
their strike. The Gim was a gentlemen’s weapon and it wants to be taken cared of similar
to how you would take care of your body, keeping in mind of the weaker parts and being mindful
of the stronger parts. The Gim took more finesse than the other weapons and the Gim was the
gentlemen’s weapon. That is the Chinese Straight Sword, the Gim.

11 Replies to “Five Animals Shaolin Martial Arts : Straight Swords in Shaolin Martial Arts

  1. Actually the term martial arts comes from 15th century europe I believe. but is perceived to be eastern by the modern world.

  2. Well, the five animal styles as everyone knows was invented and refined by the chinese. Slapping a label on it that was made by Europeans doesn't change that. Also, the term "Christian Martial Arts" kind of makes no sense because they're calling it their own, and it isn't. Because although a christian can learn buddhist kung fu, it doesn't convert it into christianity.

  3. There are lots of forms or martial arts, monks didn't invent all of them. Western style martial arts have nothing to do with monks or anything like that. Generally they are an evolution of previous style and changes in weapon and armour (see Talhoffer Ringeck etc). The term martial apparently comes from Mars the god of war. The styles of western and eastern martial arts are very different.

  4. and I know that Christian didn't invent Five Animals Shaolin Martial Arts. But then again that is not what I was saying. You said that "All martial arts were founded my monks" which is incorrect.

  5. Through my tangential YouTube searching brings me here… Martial Arts is a colloquial term. One could define it simply as "art of war" or "war knowledge." E.g: Boxing is the martial arts of the British Isles right along with Two Hand Broad sword and full plate armor. It's just a matter of definition and perspective. There are a great many misconcpetions here…

  6. Gim is the Cantonese sound for sword and jian is in Mandarin.

    And some styles of Kung Fu/Tai Chi etc. do have the sword go around the practitioner's head.

    He should've put some circling movements using just wrist action (Similar to fencing).

  7. Expert Village…this is ridiculous. There are plenty of actual experts you could get to do your videos. The word blasphemy comes to mind…that's blasphemy against traditional kung fu, in this case.

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